Freedom is Complete Self-Expression

Throughout your life, how many times have you wanted to express yourself openly to someone, but held back your emotions due to fear of how the other person would react?

This happens very commonly especially with dating, and I can even see myself back in grade school glancing at a girl from across the classroom that I was interested in, planning what I would say to her when I got the chance, then, nervous and trembling, approaching her after class, and when the moment of truth finally came, I would chicken out and pass up the opportunity to talk to her, making up excuses to myself like, “It wasn’t the right time anyway,” or “It will be easier next time,” or “Oh well, I guess it wasn’t meant to be,” only for the next time to come with the situation being just as difficult as before since my level of insecurity was still the same.

In my experience, this primal fear really never goes away, you just become more confident over time and learn how to overcome the anxiety and complete the task at hand anyway. And, of course, once you finally take the first step and introduce yourself to the person you’re interested in, or pick up the phone and talk to the friend that you’ve been avoiding getting back in touch with, or finally apply for the job you’ve been too afraid to pursue, you realize all of the fear that felt so heavy and real before was really all in your head and not a big deal at all.

It is this fear-based mentality, the little voice inside of your head that says you’re not good enough, you’ll never be successful, you don’t have enough money, that tears us apart and causes tremendous stress to the point of defeat, and even worse, self-destruction through unhealthy habits.

It is this vicious cycle that is the core negative energy pattern that has been implanted into the human collective and has been the basis for all of our society’s problems generation after generation. It is this cycle that we need to break in order to progress in our spiritual evolution, and through sharing ourselves openly and honestly, we can release these self-deprecating thoughts and place ourselves back into a space of being that is more positive, powerful, and healthy.

4 thoughts on “Freedom is Complete Self-Expression

  1. One of the ways we can break the vicious circle is to go back to the basics, which can also be called going back to the drawing board. One of the causes of this vicious circle is we are sometimes obsessed with making things more complicated than they seem, that we forget the basic building blocks.

    It too takes courage to go back to basics and rebuild and and also the mentality that repetition is a waste of time. By rebuilding from scratch when needed, we compare our old strategies, so we can refine the cracks.

    At least for me going back to basics is one way of going back on track, when we lock ourselves in complicated stuff. I say again it takes courage to break the wall you have built on yourself step by step. That wall blocks the way back to the basics.

    A good example of the vicious circle in my opinion is the European debt crisis, that even the economists are confused with several options. That crisis is a good opportunity for the people in charge to tell what money basically is (just like points we score in an exam) and how Gaia freely gives resources to us with no condition, she does not ask money from us.

    The discipline of economics has created fear based complications (like the concept of scarcity) that block us from comprehending these two basic concepts, which can pave the way for abundance. I noticed in Georgi’s works on economics that even economists are unclear about the nature of money. Even a 12 year old Canadian girl spoke against the big banks (but still unclear about the nature of money) and RT called that girl a young economist, as I found out in Youtube.

    Please note that I have not studied much about economics but I think those two basic concepts should be easily comprehended.

    • Oh, I forgot that Skyler spoke about the economic system being an illusion, I think that article can be reposted on Freedom Earth, just like your most recent Earth journals. Since money is what makes the world go round these days…

      • Aegil, I like the advice that you offered to “go back to basics” whenever we become unbalanced. That could even be used as an affirmation whenever we find ourselves stuck in a negative energy pattern.

        Also, your analogy with economics is accurate, and it is definitely safe to say that most people don’t really know what money is truly about since they are approaching it from a physical/logical standpoint rather than from an axiomatic perspective that takes into account the nature of All-That-Is based on Universal Law.

        • Yes, most people treat money as if it is like food and water, when it is just an abstract mental concept. Have a nice day!

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