How Source Facilitates the Process of Energy Optimization Through the Simulation of the Matrix

The Matrix is the holographic third dimensional reality that we perceive via our five senses. Just like a video game, the Matrix functions as a simulation program for consciousness development. As individual aspects of Source, we undergo a perpetual process of reincarnation in order to reach the highest level of potential.

In other words, the simulation of physical existence is utilized by Source as a way to facilitate the process of energy optimization. When you are able to live fully connected with this understanding, you will be able to perceive life in an entirely new way, because you’ll be aware of how the simulation program works.

Since the primary goal of the program is energy optimization, it is vital that every aspect is always working to develop itself further. This is why we, the individual aspects of Source, are always working to improve ourselves throughout our lives.

Referring back to the example of a video game, it is the job of every individual player to achieve the highest level possible in order for the entire team to reach its maximum potential. It may take a lot of failure before victory is achieved, but this is the process that must be undergone in order for growth to occur.

So how does this process of development work in everyday life? Through our relationships with others, we play particular roles for one another in order to catalyze different experiences. These experiences are decided upon prior to each incarnation, and the agreement to fulfill them is what we call our soul contracts.

The rate at which each contract is completed is for each one of us to decide, and the object is for each player to remember who they really are, a sovereign creator being, by the end of the game. Through repeated scenarios, including working at different jobs, attending different schools, dating different romantic partners, etc. we are guided to undergo experiences that will help us complete this goal.

We are guided by the universe in many different ways, including spontaneous inspirations, synchronistic occurrences, and signals through the words and actions of other people in our lives, which is why it is so important to be conscious throughout our daily lives. These universal signals are given to us all the time, but if you’re not paying attention, the signals will have to be transmitted again, possibly through another medium of communication.

Those who are able to receive these signals and make the necessary choices in order to complete their contracted experiences will progress through the game at a faster rate than those who proceed through life in an unconscious manner, repeating the same choices over and over again, which always leads to the same inevitable conclusion, a lack of progress in their overall development.

It takes great willpower to be able to break the cycle of conformity and take responsibility for one’s actions. The path of development that the Matrix has taken has made it very difficult for players to overcome the obstacles presented in the game, as there are certain individuals who have taken it upon themselves to infiltrate the infrastructure of the game with the intention to control others.

This is simply another part of the natural progression of development, and all individual aspects, even those who are playing dark roles, will be forced to repeat the same level of the game until they have successfully completed their contracts. This is the objective justice of the universe. All individual aspects must go through the same process in order to reach their highest level of potential, and make the effort to contribute to the perpetual process of energy optimization.

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  1. Thank you Skyler. For all that I am going through right at this moment…even though I know all of this, it is something that I just needed to read and remind myself of today.

    Much love to you,

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