Life as a Virtual Reality Game

Throughout our lives, there are times when we find ourselves stuck in a negative energy pattern. Whether it’s struggling with finances, a relationship, a personal loss, or any other sector of everyday life, sometimes our personal situations can feel overwhelming, like being stuck in a room with the walls caving in.

A mentality that has always helped me to keep things in perspective is viewing life as a virtual reality game. When we remain connected to the truth of the situation, that life is just a game and we don’t need to take everything so seriously, it’s a lot easier to persevere and maintain a positive attitude, despite whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

In a previous article, I mentioned the importance of humor in everyday life. Having free will, we are always presented with the choice of how to perceive each moment, and when we can make the decision to keep things light and playful, it is much easier to remember that life doesn’t need to be so hard all the time.

Of course, this does not mean to be ignorant or unrealistic and not put in 100% effort, it just means to always remember that there really is no right or wrong in this world, there is no guidebook for life, and in the end, everything comes down to objective results and how we decide to view them.

In each moment, we create the reality that we desire, and when life is perceived as nothing but a game, a much more favorable and exciting perception becomes available, allowing us to detach ourselves from being so sensitive and emotional about everything, and just view life from an objective standpoint.

In my previous experience as a teacher, it was much easier to manage the students when I approached the material from a fun and recreational angle, using games and athletic activities to present the material, rather than boring them to death with straightforward worksheets and other assignments.

The same mentality can be applied in a more abstract sense to life in the matrix, and when we can train ourselves to start perceiving tasks, such as earning a living, as a game rather than a necessary evil, life becomes less stressful and progress becomes much easier. It is in building these positive habits and removing the fear-based ones that we can create the world that we desire.

3 thoughts on “Life as a Virtual Reality Game

  1. Treating life as a game also helped me. I have a new idea: Journal writing is like making your life menu. All RPGs will have some kind of menu to manage your characters.

    • It’s amazing how parallel video games are with real life—it really is like one big MMORPG. You build XP, earn credits, meet other players, and even go on quests. I guess it’s not too surprising, considering man creates in the vision of himself. It’s human nature.

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