Life in Perspective

Whenever we find ourselves stuck in fear or doubt, saying to ourselves, “I’m not good enough”, “I’ll never make it”, or “I’m not ready”, it is vital to keep ourselves in perspective. Throughout our lives, we are faced with so many hardships and challenges, that working through adversity basically becomes second nature.

This inherent ability is what we call endurance, and we have found that human beings have an enormous capacity for refusing to quit. Persistence even amongst seemingly impossible odds is portrayed in many of our greatest stories, and it is this factor that separates the credible from the incredible, the ordinary from the extraordinary.

I have found that whenever I’m unable to move forward, it is not because I’m incapable of making progress, it is because I’m unwilling to let go of the past. Only through facing the past and accepting our mistakes can we find the freedom to continue, as true power only comes from working within the present moment, not from the illusion of the past.

When we are truly putting life in perspective, we understand that there are only two options: life or death. If death is the ultimatum, then what is failure in comparison? It’s merely a setback, an obstacle, but it’s nothing fatal. When we view our problems from this standpoint, we give ourselves access to a power that we never knew we had before.

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