Staying Focused

No matter what circumstances you’re faced with throughout your daily life, it is vital to maintain focus on the reason why you’re here. Obtaining material wealth, achieving high status, or fitting some type of social archetype are superficial endeavors imposed upon you by the ego and reinforced through the manipulated constructs of the third dimensional matrix.

You are here to expand your consciousness, become one with your divine nature, and facilitate the process of ascension for Gaia and all of her inhabitants. When you are able to fully release the fear of death, you will find that you are no longer restricted by any fabricated rules or obligations, and you are free to live without any further stress or complication.

When you think about it, what is the most extreme result in life? Death. And when you release the fear of this ultimatum, you find that you are more free than ever before because you have nothing to lose. Obviously, this doesn’t mean be reckless in life, it simply means live without fear and be relentless in maintaining your truth and an unfiltered perspective of reality.

No matter what is said about physical events such as mass arrests or the crumbling of the financial system, all that you need to focus on is your own personal ascension. This means releasing the ties to your physical identity, and realizing that you are not your job, your social status, your gender, your skin color, or even your body. You are a divine being of light, and your purpose is much greater than what you’ve been led to believe in the past.

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