The Economic System is an Illusion

Have you ever realized that the current economic system is purely based on agreement? Whenever you transfer money to a vendor during a transaction, it is an implied mutual agreement that the vendor’s product or service is worth that specified amount of currency. But is a slice of pizza really equivalent to a five dollar bill? How about a car, computer, or house?

At the base level, all objects are created out of the same thing: energy, matter, or whatever term that you prefer. So how is it that we can attribute a particular value to energy? The only way is through the agreement of an idea, and that is exactly what the economy is: an idea. Do you create objects out of money? No, you create objects out of energy, which takes the form of third dimensional matter. It does not cost money to create things, it just costs energy.

So why do we live in this perspective that we need to be compensated for energetic output? At what point did we decide that we can put a monetary value on effort and work ethic? Isn’t the gratification of a hard day’s work fulfilling enough? If people just agreed to share equally with one another, there would be no need for money. We are taught this simple concept in elementary school, but we are programmed to forget it every day after as adults. This is how backwards and distorted our society has become, and it needs to change.

We can no longer stand down to ideals that do not serve our best interests. We are sovereign beings in this universe, and it is an absolute fallacy to be forced to pay to live on this planet. This place is our home, and we cannot allow our freedom to be swept from under our feet. If you do not stand for liberty, then you do not stand for life.

If all humans are truly equal, then we should all be subject to the same opportunities as everyone else. We should be free to travel, free to obtain any creation that we desire, and most of all, free to live without fear that our basic needs will not be met. This is what 2012 is about, and if you are not on board, then you are simply asleep.

P.S. Requiring compensation is simply a function of the ego. If I paint a picture and hang it on my wall, should I force people to compensate me for looking at it? It is only logical that the free model is the most effective and efficient method of distribution. The concept of paying for products and services is simply a belief that has been programmed into the human collective consciousness by the Elite.

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