The Future of Technology and Money

The purpose of technology is to solve problems and make life easier and more efficient for humans. The goal should be to have technology handle all of the tasks that humans should not have to complete and provide us with more time to do activities that are more fulfilling, purposeful, and require the creative ability that only humans possess. The point should be to outsource jobs to machines that humans do not want to do in correlation with human life becoming more simple and less stressful.

Every human will be completely free to live exactly as they wish without the obligation to make money or live according to a social standard. There will be nothing stopping anyone from doing anything that they choose. Paying for things with money is inefficient and obsolete. The form of compensation that will be used in a transaction will be agreed upon by both parties. Basic amenities will be provided free to all citizens. The value of an object will be determined by each person in a transaction. Precious metals could still be used as universal currency if necessary.

Think about it: Why would anyone invest a lot of energy into something that they didn’t care about with the motive of needing money to survive out of the picture? People would only pursue their pleasures, and would stop creating from a self-serving perspective.

Example: If I brew beer and enjoy doing it, I have no problem giving it away for free. I’m creating it from a selfless perspective because I’m doing it unconditionally. The point is that material compensation will always be optional. It will be decided upon on a case by case basis, but I doubt that anyone would require it because they would not want to hinder anyone from obtaining their creation. We would offer the beer for free to everyone but if people wanted to offer compensation such as food or medicine it would certainly be accepted. Work should not be forced on anyone, it should be completely optional.

Once we are running on this level of consciousness most of the problems and mundane tasks like handling garbage will be maintained automatically or vanish completely. Once the distortion from the Elite vanishes, the true value of materials will be reclaimed. A dollar is just a piece of paper, and will be treated that way. Money only has a certain value as long as the collective consciousness agrees upon that value. In order for a universal currency to work effectively, the federal government will have to establish a recurring stipend program for all citizens.

1. The economy collapses
2. Money loses all value
3. Barter system is used
4. Universal currency is established
5. All citizens receive stipends

The future of technology is free. All digital information should be free, and compensation should be optional.

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