The Future of Trade is Barter

The gears behind the consciousness shift have gained tremendous momentum with the opening of the 11.11.11 stargate, and will continue to pick up even greater speed in 2012. Great change is coming within the next year, and the time is now to begin preparation. This means shifting your consciousness to another frequency, one of higher vibration. Loosen your grip on your third dimensional programming, and prepare for a move to an even greater level of awareness.

Universal energies are shifting, and very soon the financial infrastructure of the Old World Order will topple from the top down. It is vital that you begin to shift your consciousness away from obtaining financial and material items, and focus on increasing your vibration and sensitivity. Once the financial system collapses, all of the dominoes will fall, and the infrastructure that has kept the human race imprisoned for centuries will evaporate like the clearing of a storm.

Start evaluating your monetary expenses from the viewpoint of funding love and co-creation rather than survival. Remember that death is just as natural as life, and it is only fear that distorts the concept of death to be painful or negative. Start shifting your perspective on work from being about earning money to being about supporting a collective cause and spreading love. The Orion/Reptilian financial system will collapse, and it is vital that all humans begin to prepare themselves for a new standard of living.

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