The Key to Enlightenment

Typically when we think about enlightenment, we think of it as this long and arduous cycle of death and rebirth, but it is actually very simple.

We are born as enlightened beings, but through the conditioning of modern society, we quickly forget this fact, replacing it with other negative beliefs.

So the reason enlightenment has seemingly become difficult to achieve is because we have to go through a lot more work to deprogram ourselves before we can remember our natural way of being.

Rather than discussing the process of deprogramming, I want to cut straight to the key of enlightenment, which transcends all programming, and that is gratitude.

When you are completely present in the here and now moment, fully conscious and grateful for your opportunity to be incarnated, your intention immediately returns to your natural state of being as an infinite aspect of the universe.

Just like when you were a child and had your entire life ahead of you to fulfill your greatest hopes and dreams, when you simply immerse yourself in gratitude, you find solace in the present moment, allowing all troubles of the past and future to fade away.

When the purpose of life becomes nothing more than achieving accomplishments, we lose sight of the beauty of the present moment, disconnected from the sensory details of the physical world.

Whether it’s a painting on the wall, the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair, or the smell of blooming flowers, it’s easy to become caught up with the fast-paced nature of the modern world, too busy to notice the little things.

Gratitude grounds us in the present moment, so that we open our eyes to that which we normally don’t see. It is a practice and philosophy that will not only change your life, but the entire world.

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