The Law of New Earth

On New Earth, the law that shall reign supreme is Universal Law, the rule of God, not false statutes created by tyrannical politicians to enslave the citizens of Earth. The rule of God is just, and provides all that society needs to function in a civilized manner.

No longer shall Earth’s soil be seen as the property of a governing body, but as a mutual partner in co-existence and co-creation between God and Man. All of God’s children shall be subjected to equal treatment, and live in abundance and harmony with nature.

No longer shall greed and lust for power steer the will of Man, as Love and Light shall prevail throughout the Universe, and all Darkness shall be cast into oblivion. The love of God shall illuminate the heart of Man, and all pain and suffering shall end.

This decree is the will of Man, and it shall be so from this day forward. Man is now free, and no longer shall the shackles of slavery bind Him. May the Love of God radiate within the heart of Man, and Love and Light devour all Darkness upon this earth.

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