The Power of Choice

A common question many people ask is when are the big events going to occur? When is the world going to change?

Obviously no one can provide a particular date. We can prophetize all we want, but ultimately it’s a dynamic situation that is always changing according to the choices made by the collective.

The promises of disclosure, redistribution of wealth, release of new technologies, etc. are on the horizon but first we must free our minds from the mental prison of the Matrix.

As we’ve seen over the past few years, there has been a huge uprising of protests around the world, and that disorder leads to desperate measures from the establishment, ultimately resulting in the increase of entropy until the bubble of the old system bursts and the flood of revolutionary energies encompasses the entire planet, crashing the system.

This is the way the ascension process has always worked throughout history, and it will inevitably happen again. Because as I’ve mentioned before, time is not really linear, but cyclical, and this current cycle has to end at some point.

We have learned from enough broken promises by now that relying on physical dates is not realistic and cannot be predicted, only proposed as a possibility that can manifest if the proper support via the agreement of the collective is provided.

That is why so many dates have passed by as uneventful. It does not mean that the forecaster was wrong, simply that the appropriate requirements were not fulfilled, thus it does come to pass.

It’s no different than the weatherman saying there’s a certain percentage chance of precipitation. It may occur or it may not if the appropriate requirements are fulfilled.

So what can you do to help move things along? Support the reality that you desire through your personal choices, or what I like to call them, energy investments.

The New Earth we are wishing for already exists as an idea, it simply needs the proper support to become a reality.

This means believing it is possible. Not getting caught up in fear and grief. Not buying into the propaganda that the mainstream media feeds you.

Consider these two different sets of beliefs and see what reality is created through the statements:

Freedom will never happen. Nothing will ever change. The system is insurmountable. Nobody cares. We are doomed to be slaves in FEMA camps. Prepare for the worst.


We are making great progress every day. More people are awake than ever before in history. The old way is ending and the new is setting in. We are very close to achieving freedom. Life is good and it’s only getting better.

Can you prove that either of these perspectives are true or not? Of course not, because they’re completely subjective according to each person’s experiences and filters.

So, the question comes down to: Which worldview do you WANT to believe in? This doesn’t mean wear rose-tinted glasses and disregard facts, it simply means where does your intention lie.

As I mentioned in my previous article, gratitude grounds us in the present moment, and that is where the true power lies. In this moment, here and now, you can choose the reality of freedom.

Whether or not you do, though, is completely up to you.

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