The Process of Creation

All creations start with a spark of inspiration, a flood of thoughts streaming through the mind like a film projecting on a screen, building the blocks of a new idea. The process is spontaneous and ever-evolving as the creator erupts with high frequency energy that surges so powerfully that it becomes palpable.

This is the essence of the true self, the divine nature of a soul being fully expressed and uninhibited. It is through the release of all superficial thought forms that one can become immersed in the present state of being, a perpetual moment of now that leaves one balanced and fully conscious of all actions.

Through the Science of Imagery, the method of visualizing a creation, one can build the entire structure of an idea through his or her imagination, fleshing out each detail one by one, painting a picture of the result present in the mind’s eye.

As the creator shares the thoughts that form the idea, he or she breathes life into the universe, and all who receives the idea and shares the collective dream become inspired to take action and participate in energizing the construction of the idea, breathing greater life into the creation and pushing it further forward.

Take for example the process of birthing a child. First the child starts out as an idea shared between a mother and father. They fantasize about the prospect of raising a child together, discussing what it’s name will be, how it will grow up, what it will look like. Next, the couple completes the reproductive procedure, and continues talking about the child, building an identity for it, and sharing it with others. As the months of pregnancy roll by, more and more people share the dream of a healthy, beautiful child, and soon enough, the baby is born, and what was once just a simple idea, is now a fully physical living and breathing entity.

This example is the blueprint of all forms of creation, whether it’s a business, a software program, a baseball team, or a birthday party. It is through the Science of Imagery, the process of visualizing an idea in the imagination then energizing it until it becomes a physical creation, that our entire reality is projected.

Once we as a collective species can learn to utilize the Science of Imagery, and become fully aware of our potential as creator beings, we will unite together to build a free planet based on pure principles, clearing out all destructive forces and negative influences, focusing only on what is best for the greater good of all.

4 thoughts on “The Process of Creation

  1. The Science of Imagery = The Universal Law (of creation)!

    I noticed that the breath of life is not different from Zeus’ thunderbolt. First we create the intricate details in our minds (planning) then we use physical tools to finally create it so that it can manifest.

    Everything is created twice (according to one personal development author I forgot), first: in our linear minds, second: using the tools available, it can manifest in 3d reality with a lag time.

    We don’t usually notice the Process of creation happening when the military-industrial complex install fear based habits on us. The problem begins when we give more priority to create negative scenarios (for the sake of “security”), when we actually can choose (courage required to face your deep seated fears) on beautiful scenarios.

    We are so obsessed with superficial conformity that many never stop for a moment and take a deep breath to contemplate on beautiful scenarios (using the language of silence), even just for 10 seconds.

    This is why we take the air we breathe for granted. Instead we focus on those superficial monetary goals. “Buy” and “sell” seems to be used more frequently than “breathe”.

    • Aegil, you make an excellent point: the Science of Imagery is most definitely equivalent to the Universal Law. What’s interesting is that I read about the Science of Imagery in The Ringing Cedars book series before I had ever come across Georgi’s work, and I doubt Georgi has ever read them, so what we have is a case of two different people discovering the same thing independently of one another. Great minds truly do think alike.

      And yes, superficial conformity runs deep in contemporary society, imposed relentlessly upon the masses through fear-based mind control tactics. The major problem with combating it is that most people are not even aware that it’s going on—they watch their TV, eat their fast food, and don’t think for a minute that their choices are detrimental to them and everyone else. Trying to get through to ignorant people is like banging your head against the wall, and eventually, you just have to realize that all you can really do is open the door for others, as only they can walk through it themselves.

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