The Significance of Gen Y in Earth’s Ascension

In order for real change to occur on planet Earth, the members of Generation Y (adults currently in their 20′s and 30′s) must wake up and take the call to action. The light energy quotient needs to be raised in order for balance to be restored, and the members of Gen Y are the only group that contains enough of the right “ingredients” to make this happen. They are still young, capable, and uninhibited enough to be able to take control of their lives and stop feeding into the third dimensional matrix of reality.

Not only is Gen Y the most advanced and interconnected generation in history, but they are also the largest in population. It is no coincidence that the rise of the Internet, personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices began to pop up in coordination with Gen Y’s coming of age. This generation has been designed to be more efficient and possess greater discernment for truth in order to fulfill its role as the catalyst for change to the obsolete infrastructure of the Old World Order.

Unfortunately, despite the members of Gen Y incarnating with a greater sense of awareness than previous generations, they have been highly indoctrinated, medicated, and controlled by the ruling Elite through the education system, mainstream media, and pharmaceutical industry. Although a great number of Gen Y members possess a high level of awareness, many still remain in great slumber, and it is vital that more awaken as soon as possible in order to commence the pole shift.

Fellow members of Gen Y, we must take a stand, for now is the time to unite. We must eliminate the barriers that keep us disconnected from one another, and look past the third dimensional illusion that keeps us imprisoned. We are all in this battle together, and no one gets left behind. Stand up for one another, and stop judging each other. Remember that violence does nothing but contribute to the fear-based control scheme of this paradigm, and peaceful non-compliance is the only real solution.

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