The Time Has Come for a Revolution

For too long now I have been stuck in my own place of victimization. I have blamed the cabal for the atrocities they have committed on this planet and given up trying to help the situation, but I will not stand aside any longer.

The time has come for a global revolution, and it starts with each one of us standing in our own power to reject the imposed rules of the tyrannical corporate-governments.

There is no reason why any individual should have to pay a fee or meet any other criteria in order to obtain the essential resources for everyday life.

People wonder what they can do to help the mission for freedom, and I’m telling you it’s very simple: stop conforming to the fraudulent laws imposed by the corporate-governments.

Obviously, this doesn’t give anyone permission to be immoral, it simply means stop conforming in a reflexive manner, and start questioning the so-called laws which are nothing but imposed beliefs.

Why can’t we just go into the grocery store, pick out what we need, let a clerk take an inventory count of what we took (or do it electronically), and leave? In no way does money have anything to do with the actual products or services that we purchase.

No one owns the food; no one owns the land; no one owns anything. There is plenty of everything for everyone, and there is no reason for anyone to lack.

In all honesty, we don’t even need organizations like the OPPT to “set us free”. Their actions certainly help to raise awareness, but in the end even the UCC is just another made-up system.

As Heather of the OPPT and others like to say, what really matters is the being and doing of each person, and acting like the sovereign being that you truly are.

8 thoughts on “The Time Has Come for a Revolution

  1. Skyler, you’re right, and I’m totally with you on this. Something I read that has stayed with me …… in the Solidarity movement in communist Poland in the early 1980s, the Gdansk shipyard fired Lech Walesa – who went on to become president of Poland – for stirring up trouble amongst the workers. The shipyard secretary handed him his dismissal cards, saying, “I’m sorry, Mr Walesa, I hate doing this.”
    He replied, “Then don’t do it, Anna!”
    She said, “If I don’t, they will just get someone else to do it.”
    “But what if they refuse, too? They can’t fire all of you, can they!”

    He had it exactly.
    But the trouble is, with TPTB still in control, if we buck the system, they have ways of making it hurt. You WILL be taken to court and jailed. And no one wants to risk that; particularly not if they have young children dependent on them.
    I absolutely agree with you though. It frustrates me.


    • Barbara,

      Thank you for sharing that story—it illustrates my point exactly. And I know what you mean about parents with young kids. It’s a tough situation for sure as it brings up a catch-22: resist the system and be penalized, or conform into slavery. Neither are favorable options, and it is quite the uphill battle to buck the system.

      Eventually, one must reach a catharsis and decide what is ultimately most important in life. As I wrote recently, it is my belief that seeking happiness and comfort is not the answer, as it is only in natural living that one can find true satisfaction.

  2. OPPT is counterintelpro finding all the last sovereign citizens…sorry to give you the truth 🙂

    if you want real sovereignty you need to do the work…there are barely any forms to fill out. its about knowing who you are and demonstrating it when the moment calls…

    • From my research on the OPPT it seems like a positive thing, although that is always a big possibility. Can you point me to any resources that provide further evidence on this claim?

      Also, like I said in the article the OPPT is ultimately pointless anyway other than in raising awareness since true sovereignty is already available to everyone without doing a single thing—it’s your birthright.

      The cabal and it’s minions are nothing but a gang who has seized the planet and rule according to their own phony laws, so it doesn’t matter what documents you have as long as they enforce control through violent measures.

      It’s like saying to a mafia boss you don’t have to pay him back because the currency is unlawful in the first place. He’s not going to care, he’s just going to threaten you until you give him what he wants.

  3. The governments is just a big nanny or a baby sitter. They were not designed to do that.

    Instead of helping us grow up to be mature sovereign beings, they abuse their power with those faulty statutes called “laws”. If they cannot help us, we will help ourselves.

    Those “laws” are designed to keep us acting immaturely and ignore the importance of cycles. Survival instincts now have a higher priority over basic philosophy.

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