The Truth About Time

I remember back in pre-school when I was taught how to tell time on an analog clock. There was the big hand for the minutes, the small hand for the hours, and the second hand for—well, you know the rest. I remember I always had trouble with mathematical subjects, whether it was as difficult as algebra or simple as telling time. It just didn’t “click” for me right away, and it took me longer to understand it than others, but eventually I got it, and of course it’s second nature now.

I’m sure you can think back and remember all that time you spent as a kid being programmed—I mean being “taught” in school how to become obsessed with time so that it would eventually dominate your entire life to the point of believing, truly believing that one day you will “run out” of time and die. That’s it, your life’s over because the clock said so!

Have you ever considered the possibility that linear time doesn’t actually exist? That it’s just a manmade invention that limits our beliefs of how long we can live in order to control the population of the planet? Yeah, I know that sounds very cynical and conspiratorial, but let me explain further.

Does your dog have any concept of 5:00 AM or 5:00 PM? Does your dog look at the clock and think, “Oh, it’s 6:00 PM, time for dinner!” Of course not, all your dog knows is that sometimes it’s light outside and sometimes it’s dark outside. There’s no concept of being on time or late, only the present moment.

Now let’s take a child who grows up in the woods completely secluded from modern society. There’s no watches or clocks, only the cycle of the sun. So while there is a sense of time as in change in cycle, there is no sense of different months or years or measurements. It’s basically just like the movie Groundhog Day—the same day over and over again, the only difference being what the child does in each moment. There’s no being late, no missing out, and certainly no running out of time.

If we lived in a utopian society, we would live forever–or as long as we wanted to because there would be no energizing, thus manifesting, of death, disease, or decay. There would only be the choice to pass on out of one’s current body once they wanted to move on from this dimension of existence.

To put it simply, our beliefs control our reality 100%. If you believe that you are poor to the point that it becomes real for you, then you will be poor. If you believe that you’re sick, then you will be sick. It’s very simple logic actually.

So from the examples above it is apparent that time is not actually linear, but is cyclical in nature. The concept of linear time is a manmade construct that we have been conditioned to believe and thus realize since we were young children, and that is what keeps us enslaved in the third dimension. It works hand in hand with our spoken and written languages, which also slow down our process of creation.

For example, take these two sentences:

  1. “I will take the trash out later.”
  2. “I am taking the trash out now.”

Do you see how the first sentence is completely inactive and stagnant, while the second is active and creative? Imagine how your life would change if everything you wanted to accomplish went from being “I will do it later” to “I am doing it now”. It would be, well, life-changing, wouldn’t it?

So pay attention to your thoughts and words and how they limit you. The “time” in which you do something always controls the occurrence of the creation, as it is nothing more than focused thought manifested into reality.

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