Unlimited Creative Potential

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. What do you see? An infinite space of energy. This place inside of yourself is the real you. It is a place without any ego, judgment, or fear. Inside of this space, you are free to create whatever you desire without any force of control or limitation, simply visualize it, and it’s yours.

When you are able to uphold this state of being, one of unlimited creative potential, you will find that you are capable of manifesting anything in the 3D world, it all starts with an idea. This ability to visualize and advance through the process of creation is the ultimate gift of our very being, and each and every one of us is born a master of this craft, we simply need to remember this fact.

We are organic creation machines, the architects of this reality, and it is only a small portion of our true selves that is existent within the physical realm. Our physical bodies are like pilots within vast ships, as our higher selves reside within the ethereal plane, much grander than we could possibly imagine.

It is through the realization of our infinite potential and supreme creative capabilities that we can take back planet Earth and build the society of our dreams. To be infinite is to be universal, and knowing that we are all one cosmic family, a macrocosm made of many microcosms, we can make the jump to the next stage of development, and transcend all previous notions of what is possible for us to achieve.

This is the fate that lies before us. This is the mission that we have come here to accomplish. The question is, how many of us will answer the call? How many will transcend physical reality and become one with their divine nature once again? This is the question that I pose for you today. Are you just another insignificant creature wandering aimlessly throughout life, or are you something more? You already know the answer, the power lies in expressing it.

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