We Must Hold the Light

As stated recently in the article, The Fall of the Archons, “the decisive battle [for freedom] is expected to happen around the Venus transit portal on June 5th.” This timeline has also been reiterated by numerous other esoteric sources, and with new developments of legal actions against the cabal’s power structures arising rapidly, it appears that the shifting events that we have been awaiting for so long are finally coming into fruition.

This period is an extremely crucial time in the progression of our movement, and it is absolutely vital that we hold the Light. We must remain conscious of our thoughts, words, and actions, and we cannot give our power away to negative energy structures any further.

This means no more greed; no more arrogance; no more self-pity, judgment, or remorse; no more living in the past; no more settling for less; no more egotism or unhealthy behavior; no more fear, doubt, lack, or limitation.

It is our duty here as the keepers of this planet to see to it that Earth’s civilization reaches its highest level of potential, and that all bonds of slavery are eliminated permanently. For the first time in recent history, we have the opportunity to break the cycle and create the world of our dreams, and this time, we will not fail.

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