What Can We Really Do?

Whenever I discuss the topic of freedom with someone, the same core question always arises: What can we really do? When we think about all of the corruption, manipulation, and exploitation that occurs throughout the planet, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Even those of us who have learned the truth still dwell in physical vessels and have to deal with the fear-based system of control that dominates every aspect of society, and with capitalism and greed being imposed upon us from every angle, it can be incredibly difficult to make any progress.

So what can we really do? I think the solution lies not in solving the small problems but in understanding the bigger picture. If it is greed that is the root of our problems, then how do we eliminate such self-serving attitudes? We make the conscious decision within ourselves to live with integrity.

Acting as positive role models for others is the only way to overcome adversity. No matter how many bandages we put on the wound, it’s still going to need surgery. If each one of us demonstrates positive values within our own lives, then the people around us will eventually follow in suit.

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