What is Real?

These past days I have been exploring the concept of virtual reality through many different mediums, including films, books, comics, and my own personal practices of lucid dreaming and meditation. I have always been fascinated by the idea of parallel realities and the concept of the matrix, that the physical realm is merely a holographic projection of our collective thoughts, and through this work I hope to find the answer to one of our greatest questions: What is real?

The way I see it, we exist in two different realities: the physical world and the spiritual world, or in other words, the conscious state and the dream state. In the physical world, we perceive reality using our five basic senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. We are able to utilize these senses in coordination with time and space, and make dualistic distinctions, such as up and down, left and right. So what is it then that distinguishes the physical world from the spiritual?

In both our conscious and dream states, we perceive reality through the same basic senses. When I retell the events of my dreams, the reports appear no different than experiences that occur in the conscious state, the only difference being the absence of the same rules, and the stasis of the biological vessel.

So which one of these states is our natural state of being? Which one is real, and which one is the illusion, the dream? We consider the conscious state to be what is natural, but if that is the case, then why are there so many rules and limitations within that state? If everything is made from the same core essence, energy, then why don’t the same rules exist in the dream state as well?

It’s a tough concept to wrap your head around, since we’ve become so accustomed to following the popular perception, but what if you consider for one moment that everything you have thought to be true is in fact exactly the opposite? What if the dream state is our natural state of being, and the conscious state is the dream, the illusion? Doesn’t it seem more natural to exist in a reality that is completely free and unlimited to manifest whatever we desire instantly?

I certainly think so, and perhaps that is the point of dreaming, to hone your skills as a sovereign creator being, then bring those skills and ideas to the collective sandbox, the physical world we co-create together with our thoughts. If you look at it that way, then the concept of virtual reality is completely valid, as our entire world is structured by nothing but code, the energetic impulses of our thoughts.

So if that is the case, that our entire reality is constructed by nothing but our collective agreements, then why do we live in such a restricted world? Why do we choose to base our reality on such limiting rules, such as health, economics, and a justice system? Why don’t we make the collective agreement to remove the outdated code, and create the virtual reality game that we all want to play?

That is the purpose of this project: to raise awareness about the nature of reality with the hope to attract like-minded people who wish to shift the consciousness of the collective, and develop a new game based on free principles. That is why I and so many other starseeds have volunteered to incarnate here at this time. We are here to facilitate this shift in consciousness, and we bring our gifts as experienced conscious creators to see to it that the New Earth is manifested.

5 thoughts on “What is Real?

  1. I read once, and it rang true to me, that in our 3D ‘reality’ we’re in a state of light sleep, in 4D, the astral, we’re dreaming, and we first begin to wake up, day dawns for us, on the 5th dimension.
    VERY strange energies today, Skyler, aren’t there, last night was so weird that I lay there wondering if we have lift-off! I remembered what you were told about the significance of this time, ie by August 29th, and I’ll write something in response to that post later ……. if my brain can function in 3D enough to type it out! I feel pretty strange today, do you? Anyone else sensing up this ramping-up of intensity?? It feels like the spiritual equivalent of being in one of those g-force tests! 🙂


    • Barbara,

      Yes, I know what you mean about the energies. We are definitely reaching a new pinnacle during this time, and that will certainly cause some intense light body process symptoms. We can only hope that we will reach the next stage very soon!

  2. I have had vivid dreams and ascension symptoms, but I have *never* had lucid dreams and out of body experiences.

    So I think my skills in math and logic were made to compensate for that, thanks to them I can find many similarities with things and make those analogies I have made so far.

    Two days ago I came to the conclusion that those analogies are sign that we have the power to “bend” our reality, instead of falling to rigid ways of thinking. Take those superficial belief systems aside, this reality is more malleable than we have ever imagined.

    Thanks Skyler, for all the work you did so far. I am more than happy to use my abilities to help.

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