You Make the Rules

After years of being constrained by the imposed fear-based structures of the Orion system, the time has come to break free and define your own rules. For example, if you want to write a book, do not look to others for validation about market standards or selling points, simply start writing, and allow your thoughts to flow onto the pages with guidance from your soul.

Throughout your entire life, you’ve been told to obey authority. You’ve been told that other beings know better than you, that they are the experts, and that you are merely an amateur. This idea is false. No matter what anyone else tells you, there is no one who knows better than you. You are the master of your reality, and you decide what is true and what is not in your world.

The next time you do something creative, remain conscious of your thought patterns. Are you truly in charge, or are the imposed expectations of modern society controlling you? Are you able to work freely, and allow yourself to progress effortlessly, or are you bombarded with self-judgment, criticism, and doubt? When you are able to eliminate all external distractions, you will instantly unlock infinite access to your ultimate creative potential.

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