2012 is the Year of Apocalypse

When you hear the word apocalypse, what do you think of? Unfortunately, riots, natural disasters, and other end of the world scenarios come to mind for most people, and that is what will be experienced by the individuals who choose to feed their energy into the fear-based infrastructure that has been imposed upon the human race by the ruling Elite.

Here is the real definition of apocalypse: a prophetic revelation, especially concerning a cataclysm in which the forces of good permanently triumph over the forces of evil.

This is exactly what is happening in 2012. The world is not going to end, in fact, it is going to begin anew. Higher dimensional energies are flooding the planet, and more and more people are waking up to the corruption that dominates every facet of society. No longer will citizens give their power away to self-serving officials. No longer will disinformation flood the education system and mainstream media. No longer will human beings serve as slaves and allow others to determine their way of life and well-being.

The distortions that run rampant through society will dissipate, and all of the truths that have been hidden will be unveiled. For some, it will be a rude awakening to find out that pharmaceutical drugs are detrimental and covertly assist in an insidious agenda to depopulate the human race. For others, it will be very difficult to comprehend that universities are merely institutions that further the process of disempowering, disconnecting, and dumbing down the human race.

Other illusory concepts such as linear time, obligation to work and earn money, materialism, fear of death, survival, lack of energy and resources, and so on will all be confronted and much upheaval will flood the mass consciousness. These revelations are currently rising from the mass subconsciousness to the mass consciousness, and December 21, 2012 will mark the full culmination of these new energies and ideals.

This shift is accelerating behind the scenes day by day, and the transition to the new era of peace and prosperity in fifth dimensional consciousness is unstoppable. The only choice is to prepare yourself on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and stop feeding your energy to the dualistic fear-based infrastructure of the old paradigm.

Each human will progress and expand their individual consciousness at their own pace, and will experience the required events as outlined by their Higher Self in order to reach their maximum level of awareness. It is vital that all humans begin this process of ascension and disassociate themselves from the old ideals and power structure of the Old World Order. It is going to happen whether you like it or not, so take this as a precautionary warning to make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your loved ones.

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