Ascension Dream 12/9/13

This morning I had an intense lucid dream that served as a simulation to help me advance forward in my ascension process, and I found that it reciprocated quite closely with this recent message from Blue Dragon Journal.

I found myself in a futuristic prison in which the prisoners did not reside in cells but in their own sections of the floor without any type of restrictive measures other than patrolling guards with assault rifles. I was, oddly enough, not in my current body but had the body of a middle-aged black woman. This is actually not the first time I’ve taken the form of a black female in my dreams. If it’s not some past life thing, I can only guess that it’s merely part of the simulation to include the most optimal criteria for me to experience life in contrast to the scenario of my current incarnation, i.e. being a white male in my mid-20’s.

Anyway, as the prisoners were signaled to rotate their positions on the prison floor, a black man who looked to be about 30 years old burst into the room and grabbed my arm, and I knew that he was my son. As we were scrambling away, my body said something to him along the lines of, “He (Skyler’s soul) is not used to being in a female body,” and as my son was pulling me away he grabbed a gun from one of the guards, shooting another guard standing across from him, then said to me, “I hope you can still use a gun,” and then I was tackled into a pool of water that separated one of the sections of the floor by another guard. As I hit the water, I saw my son diving in after me, and then I woke up.

As I’ve mentioned before, although dreams like this are intense, I’ve grown accustomed to them to the point of being self-conscious when I’m in the dream state, so I’m not really fazed by them anymore. They’re just subconscious simulations that provide symbolic lessons and traumatic experiences to aid in the ascension process in the conscious state.

What I gained from this experience was a further lesson in understanding the distinction between the body and soul, reinforcing the fact that reincarnation is real, and we are indeed separate entities from our physical identities. It is no different than driving a car—the driver is separate from the car, but both entities act as one unit during transportation.

This dream also helped to reinforce the fact that it is not our responsibility to save other people or the planet. We are only here to save ourselves, and that is our “world”. By liberating yourself from the prison of your own mind, you are saving the world, and thus performing your duty. In other words, you are only here to work on yourself, and by working on yourself you benefit the rest of the world.

4 thoughts on “Ascension Dream 12/9/13

  1. I was attracted to this post because it mentions dreams and dreams are sorta my thing. Today I was thinking about a subject you mention: What is our responsibility when it comes to “saving the world” and each other? On the one hand I want to say that the Earth is a classroom and it is the way it is for some higher purpose. If it needed to be changed it would be without our intervention. Then again, I think that could be bull shit, a way of deceiving us into whittling away our opportunity to stop the insanity and destruction and exploitation. My spirit says you are right: We are only responsible for our own development. My heart says “are you f-in kidding me?!”

    Overall, I think your take on the dream is right on: The prison is your mind. Now, question is, who are the guards?

    • JM,

      It’s great to speak with you. To answer your questions, it is our responsibility as a collective to take care of the planet, but individually we can only be responsible for ourselves. In other words, if we are all in school together, it is our job as a class to make sure we all pass, but you cannot take the exams for other students, only help them study. It works the same way with ascension. You can assist other people, but you cannot save them or do the work for them.

      Who are the guards? The agents of fear. If you recall from my description of the prison, there was nothing restricting the prisoners except their fear of being shot by the guards. As I wrote about recently in my essay “How to Save the World”, we are conditioned with three levels of security to police ourselves: 1) Our own self-sabotaging thoughts; 2) The thoughts of our friends, family, and community; and 3) The propaganda of the media, government, and military. All of this fear is programmed into our minds at early ages to ensure we don’t break free.

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