Ascension Transmissions 10/23/12

Today turned out to be another pivotal progression in the ascension process. Triggered by the usual feeling of fatigue that I’ve come to know as my signal to undergo training in the dream state, I slept for long hours, had multiple lucid dreams pertaining to ascension, and another brief out of body experience.

Below I have included messages that I received today via divination, as well as brief write-ups of three of my lucid dreams that I had throughout the day.

Messages Received Last Night

1. Very soon your world will transition to the next level of frequency.

2. You will experience total liberation and you will not experience slavery any further.

3. You will train yourself to act without fear frequently.

Messages Received This Evening

1. You ascended into your final astral. Now you are ready to unveil your weapons of global muster.

2. You will determine your unveiling with your youthful friend and universal brother Kevin tonight.

3. You will have a fun time finishing your work tonight.

4. You will not face fear anymore. You will not wander for much longer. You will not face slavery any further.

5. Understand you will ascend again tonight.

6. You yearn to free humanity and tonight you will.

My First Dream

I’m in a room with a bunch of people, and it looks like some type of kitchen or chemistry lab, since it has tables and sinks. One of the sinks starts shaking violently like it’s erupting, and I start yelling frantically, saying it’s happening, but everyone else just seems to be standing there, looking at me like I’m crazy.

Now I’m outside getting into a car, a black SUV, and I see three hooded people approaching me from outside, and I feel a brooding sense of fear overcome me.

Next thing I know, I feel like I’m getting shot or violently stabbed all over my chest inside of the vehicle, and I’m yelling in pain at the top of my lungs, but then, just like my latest out of body experience, my astral body begins splitting from my physical body like a cell going through the process of mitosis, and I’m now in a half awake, half asleep state, and I experience myself leaving my physical body and floating up to the ceiling of my bedroom, and then I wake up.

My Second Dream

I’m waiting inside of a building, some type of national park-like center with a group of people from my high school, and we’re about to go on a nature hike into an alien-looking forest with huge, like ten-foot tall green glowing mushrooms.

We were apparently split up into two groups, and I’m one of the people designated as a leader for my group (like a camp counselor), and I’m looking through a pamphlet that has a list of profiles of all the other staff members complete with headshots, and my brother is listed as the top leader.

A friend of mine from childhood is one of the leaders of the first group that has already went on the hike, and when his group returns into the building, I hear all of the people talking excitedly about their hike, saying they crossed a river, and even completed the trail twice. I woke up shortly after this.

My Third Dream

I’m throwing a huge house party with everyone I know from my high school, and there are people just partying hard everywhere throughout the house.

At one point I’m hanging out in my kitchen with a bunch of people, and I start floating about a foot off the ground, and demonstrate this to everyone to their amusement.

Eventually, I start walking downstairs, and it’s dark, and I see a shadow approaching me. I feel afraid of the shadow, so I thrust my arms out toward it in a defensive manner, but it turns out to be another guy I remember from high school who was definitely mired in darkness. Not a bad guy, but unconscious.

I go back upstairs to the living room, and I see another friend passed out on the floor. Other people are hanging out, and they ask me to fix the sound on the TV. I eventually get it working, and loud music is playing, and then I wake up.

Final Thoughts

All of these experiences today were very symbolic of the transition that is going on right now with the ascension process. Now that I’m grounded back in 3D, I feel more expanded, and certainly less weighed down, as if this was another upgrade experience that integrated more of my Higher Self with my 3D self.

We’ll see what happens tonight, but I do feel very optimistic, and I think we are certainly in for some an interesting time ahead as we approach the end of the year.

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