Ascension Transmissions 11/9/12

Last night I had a spiritual experience that was unlike any other I’ve had before. After reaching a deep level of meditation, I laid down on my back and went to sleep. I did not end up falling asleep, but in a deep state of consciousness I was able to visit home in the astral plane.

I found myself lying in a hospital bed. I was fully aware, and being there was as real as being here. It was like I teleported there for a short while, then returned back to this reality. When I looked behind me, there was a commotion in back of my bed, and I saw doctors and nurses scrambling to different patients.

Knowing I was there, I stared in utter amazement at this whole scene, then heard someone speak to me to my left. It was a young blonde woman, a member of my star family, and she asked me if I was meditating, and I said yes, and then she said something along the lines of “we usually meet somewhere else”, and then I hugged her before being transported back to my body and waking up.

I knew right away it wasn’t a dream, that this was something else, and I believe that this is exactly what will happen with ascension, that we will be transported to this other reality, but stay for much longer than what occurred in this visit.

I was also given the directive in my divination session today to tell all lightworkers that our work is done for now, and we will be going home in the next ten days over the period of the 11.11 stargate, and then we will return back to Earth to complete the planetary ascension job in December.

This is all the information I have for now, and we will see what happens over the next ten days. Take this information lightly, like always, and do not get disappointed if nothing happens. This scenario is always changing, so it’s important to always be ready for anything.

3 thoughts on “Ascension Transmissions 11/9/12

  1. It’s very weard what is now happening, i feel like we all individually are waiting for exterior material changes…but now, i realize that we give too much importance onto theise forms that we have created with the old consciousnous that we had at that time…but the big change that is “NOW” happening, is a complete change in this counciousness itself…!
    So therefore, with that brand new reality, we are going to create a complete new world in it’s form…” WE ARE THE CREATOR OF OUR WORLD” and this creation is at the image of our real “SELF” our individual conciousness !
    That is my vision….


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