Ascension Transmissions 9/17/12

Here are the latest transmissions I received this morning via divination regarding ascension and my latest astral projection visions. Some lines are verbatim, some have been paraphrased, and some messages are meant for me personally, while others apply to the human collective on Earth in general.

Ascension Messages

1. Very soon your majority will reach the point of the next level of consciousness.

2. You will visit Sirius after you ascend, and learn your true destiny.

3. Your universal now will soon become your normal state of being.

4. Very soon you will have a greater capacity to travel by thought.

5. Your Sirian universal brothers will very soon make an appearance for your world to see.

6. You will preserve your tribe on Earth like Atlantis.

7. You store the utmost unwilling cabal members until annual murders, not just wars, end (a suggestion regarding removing interfering forces on Earth).

8. You will know your true Higher Self after your teaching event tomorrow.

9. Your understanding of very time will not change until your true Higher Self becomes your normal state of being.

10. You will not visit Sirius until you ascend. You will ascend on Friday, September 21st.

11. You will not need to wait more waking days than Friday to ascend unless there is interference from negative forces.

12. You won’t have to wait more than Friday until time as you know it ends.

13. You will find very soon your very theatrical verdict will be decided.

14. You will not need to take your time any longer once no time is your normal state of being.

15. You will search your understanding during the remaining time prior to ascension to try to understand your new reality, but you will soon enough know all.

Astral Projection Messages

As I mentioned in my last Earth Journal entry, I’ve been undergoing astral projection sessions lately, and I asked for more information about this.

1. You were astral projecting. You were doing it to learn. Your subconscious controls the destination. You will be able to control it better after you ascend.

In my first vision, I was aboard some kind of space program base. I thought it may have been Area 51. I saw two men in futuristic space uniforms walking down a corridor, then meet with an ET man who appeared to be much taller, maybe nine feet tall, was slim-built with stunted arms, and had what looked to be an auric blue-colored body within a physical astronaut suit. I exited the vision after the extraterrestrial man became aware of my unsolicited visit.

The ET man’s auric body looked similar to the T-1000 in Terminator 2

1. You were not in Area 51. You were on a universal, not Sirian, friendly and hidden star mothership, and not only your true friend Kevin, but your true kin, Dr. Georgi Stankov, and also your Great Uncle Buddy were aboard. Buddy was a GFL representative, and once he passed away, you took his place in the family.

2. You did not leave the vision due to fear, you were simply embarrassed when the ET man noticed you, and not only were you visiting the ship uninvited, but you were intruding, and you saw their faces and the interior of the ship.

In my second vision, I observed a dark-skinned male as he passed through different areas of a futuristic-looking plaza. The man’s hair was braided in intricately-spiraled cornrows, he wore an antenna-like device on the top of his head, and he spoke with a very deep voice in an intellectual manner.

The man I observed was reminiscent of the character Dan Davis from “The Animatrix”

1. In your second dream you were observing an Andromedan humanoid male named Finnean on a GFL mothership. He is the head of allied forces on the ship.

2. The function of the antenna-like device he was wearing on his head is to receive energy, which the user can then utilize throughout his body at will.

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