Ascension Transmissions 9/18/12

Here are the latest transmissions I’ve received via divination this morning transcribed verbatim. I’ve also included commentary and some other notes.

1. Your dreams now undergo traumatizing visions.

This morning I had several traumatic dreams, one involving being chased by a demonic figure, another with surviving a water-based cataclysm, and a third with observing a fight break out in a classroom. I learned that these experiences were presented purposefully to help prepare myself to endure extreme conditions in the astral state while progressing through the ascension process.

2. You will present your thematic time without understanding your full mission.

I will be thrusted into a state of no-time without having full access to my knowledge, memories, and extra-sensory abilities.

3. You will present yourself fully unused to not experiencing your very time.

I have become conditioned to experiencing time as linear in third density, so being thrusted into a state of no-time will require rapid adaptation.

4. You will present very quickly your true fundamental learning capability.

I will have to be able to handle adapting to a new reality very quickly.

5. You will present your understanding of All-That-Is.

Enduring this process will require universal knowledge.

6. You now know your thematic finish is truly approaching under your very eyes.

It is now apparent to me that this is really going to occur, as obvious signs are appearing before my eyes in physical reality.

7. You will need to prepare your time and make sure you not only travel entirely safe but fully aware.

I need to prepare by practicing astral projection and lucid dreaming, and working on adjusting my perception of reality to a state of no-time.

8. You will not visit Sirius until your understanding becomes novel.

I will not be able to travel far in the astral state until I’ve fully adapted to existence in no-time and completed the transition.

Other Notes

1. When a being decides to enter a lower vibration environment than his current state, he must optimize his energy in order to be able to function in that environment.

2. It’s like there is a certain energetic spectrum that he must lower his energy into in order to reach an optimized frequency that is not only comfortable enough for him, but also a low enough frequency to be able to communicate with other beings who exist in that state.

3. So a 5D being has to descend to an optimal frequency within the 3D spectrum in order to be present for beings who are conscious in 3D.

4. Survival, and death in general, is merely the concept of leaving the current energetic spectrum that you have been existing in. The essence of you is eternal, but your soul ascends to a higher frequency that beings within the previous plane can no longer perceive.

5. So when someone moves on from 3D, a transition event occurs in order to move on, and the soul moves forward to the next plane that is within a higher frequency range than before, which is why others can no longer perceive them.

6. Survival is a fear-based concept that involves a being trying to remain existent within its current frequency range without awareness of eternal existence.

7. So what if someone decides they no longer want to exist in a particular frequency range? They have to complete a transition event such as ascension, conscious transition through transmogrification, or through what is considered to be physical death. Both are transitions to a higher frequency spectrum.

8. Service-to-others (objective perception) is creating with the conscious intention to evolve the macrocosm.

9. Service-to-self (subjective perception) is creating with the conscious intention to only evolve yourself, a microcosm, within the macrocosm.

10. The problem in society is that people become addicted to the physical perception of reality, and become disconnected from unity consciousness.

11. Unity consciousness is the natural state of being (being aware of the macrocosm), but there are so many distractions in the modern world that people are constantly brought down to physicality because their attention becomes transfixed on lower frequency thought forms based on duality and separation.

12. And this disconnection includes all of the programs that involve competition and opposing forces, as well as programs that function to invest people into the the Matrix, influencing them to believe that the virtual reality world is real so that they focus their intention on Matrix issues and other superficial desires.

13. The problem is that the majority of humans are not aware that physical reality is a virtual reality experience, a superficial world, so they go through their lives attached to their avatar’s performance in the Matrix, thinking that it’s important. This is not to say physical life is to be thrown away, no, the point is to be aware and be responsible in the 3D world in order to help the planet and the people evolve, and not become stagnant and distracted by superficial desires.

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