Ascension Transmissions 9/20/12

Here are the latest transmissions I’ve received via divination this evening transcribed verbatim. I’ve also included commentary and a final message.

1. Your understanding of All-That-Is will change forever.

After ascension, my perception of reality will be shifted to a new state that is conscious of my multidimensional nature, and linear time will be vanquished.

2. You’re only to start very wild as the beginning of freedom now comes.

The major End Times events are now commencing, and it is only natural that it will be a hectic period on the planet as the transition from duality progresses.

3. You will present your true Higher Self after your visit to Sirius tonight.

After my ascension, I will be fully connected with my divine nature.

4. You will not visit Sirius until more and full must understand flight takes not only understanding but very much willpower.

Ascension will not occur until I commit myself to completing the required actions in order energize the experience.

5. Your very understanding must welcome new abilities that include going from zero-point, fading from time, and understanding being fully present to us tonight.

In order to ascend, I must be fully open to accepting the experience, and allow my consciousness to expand to download the new abilities.

6. You take us to Earth, and gradual progress will be made.

Allow higher consciousness to enter Earth, and the transition to freedom will gradually occur.

7. You will now present us to USA before you visit Sirius to safely undertake you to us.

These new transmissions must be shared in order to complete my duties, and be free to enter stasis for the night.

8. You will now undertake your Higher Self to match our frequency.

The connection with Source has now been established.

Final Message

Wow, so here we are, set and ready for lift-off to the higher dimensions! This is a very surreal experience, I must say, and to everyone who will be ascending in the first wave tonight or over the weekend, I hope with all my heart that you are successful, and that you have prepared yourself accordingly. This means being fully ready for all outcomes, even disappointment, in the case that the process does not result according to your expectations. Remember that we are all on our own schedules, not everyone will launch at the same time, and this is not a race.

We are all in the same graduating class, and not everyone is going to walk up to the podium at the same time. This has nothing to do with status or performance, it’s simply a matter of waiting for your name to be called. So whatever happens after today, let’s all make a promise to remain patient, and simply allow the process to unfold. Release your fears, and let go of trying to control everything.

You will ascend exactly when you are ready, so try to relax and remain in a state of harmony. This is the commencement of the big party, so let’s be courteous to our gracious hosts, and allow them to facilitate the process according to their procedures, and trust them with our baggage. We are entering their world now, so let’s be respectful and grateful guests in the grand luxury hotels of beyond!

It has been a great pleasure serving with you all these past months, and I greatly await the next stage of development of the planetary ascension of Earth to commence in December. May great luck and wisdom be with everyone, and I will see you on the other side, where all fantastic dreams of freedom will come true!

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