Ascension Update 1/11/13

We are undergoing another ascension effort this weekend amidst the activation of the 1.13.13 portal. My latest information in conjunction with Dr. Stankov’s decree and Gaia Portal’s statement on the 10th all point to this same conclusion.

To paraphrase from my divination session yesterday afternoon:

“Prepare for ascension very soon… Beautiful changes are coming… Acts of aid for your planet are coming… Your grand adventure awaits you.”

We can only hope for the best. At the very least we will undergo another test run.

3 thoughts on “Ascension Update 1/11/13

  1. Hello Skyler,
    I can feel an energy momentum building that is stronger than before December, so though I haven’t had any inner memos at all (which could be a good sign, ie, ‘thief in the night’), I think that is true. There’s definitely *something* impending; it’s like the air’s gone electric.
    I really hope so ….. I’m so weary at the moment of this planet, and of trying to live as a 5D being in an old 3D paradigm, and of all these, ‘Whoops! We didn’t quite complete it, never mind, we’ll try again in another 6 months or so’, test runs, that I’m losing optimism, and could do with a pep-talk. As a star seed warrior, I’ve got battle fatigue. 🙁


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