Ascension Update 1/8/13

This afternoon after being triggered by the usual feeling of ascension-related fatigue, I meditated for a little while then lied down to rest on the couch. In the half-awake/half-asleep state I always enter into during test runs, I drifted inside and out of consciousness as I swore I heard children talking in my house.

Every time I’d sit up and look, I couldn’t physically see anyone with my eyes, but I could perceive them through ESP. Two children came up on the couch and laid next to me as I rested. Their energy was so warm and blissful, it was heavenly, and there were others playing joyously around the house.

After I was done resting, I did a divination session to retrieve more information about this experience, and here is what I was told:

“You saw with your own eyes your New Earth, and you yearn to go there for good, but you must wait as we not only take you there, and nail the entities causing all the trouble—handling this tastefully for everyone is not easy.

You not only saw children, but your New Earth energetically, and your test run was the greatest one yet. You will be in your new home as soon as you and your never ending allies take another test run Friday.”

While I have no doubt that we will perform another test run on Friday, I cannot say for sure if this will our homecoming or just another step. Either way, I can say for sure from my own experiences that we are making great progress, and it is inevitable that the final conclusion will occur some time in the near future.

2 thoughts on “Ascension Update 1/8/13

  1. Wow! I was just going to come on here and put a comment saying ‘Have you been hearing voices or anything, Skyler …??’ πŸ˜€
    When I’m sitting quietly, I’ve been noticing, more and more over the last couple of days, what I figured was ‘astral chatter’ …. bits and pieces, a word here and there, snatches of conversation. I was intrigued. I don’t normally go to 4D, I skip over that plane, but when I was a teenager I still was stuck on the astral plane, and I used to pick up this ‘chatter’ sometimes, so I recognised the phenomenon.
    Another noteworthy thing to report from my end is a marked increase in telepathy. I know the *second* an email lands in my inbox, who it’s from, and basically what it’s saying. And if someone thinks about me, I don’t just ‘pick it up’, I hear their voice in my head! (Only if I’m fairly quiet and relaxed, though. If I figuratively lean forward thinking, ‘What was that-?’ then mind seems to get in there and mutes whatever I was hearing. :))
    Today I read three posts on the internet by people – two of whom I know to be accurate intuitives – who’d, unusually for them, heard voices and sounds or caught glimpses of their own house/locale, but as it was in the distant past.
    I have been wondering if this was the first sign of the earth becoming more astralized, ie, turning into AB Earth?
    I had a STRANGE experience the other day, very like what Georgi has reported on his site, and which has never happened to me before. I haven’t got the words to describe it, but it was as if my entire self disappeared. (Was not pleasant!) ‘Barbara’ was deconstructed, and I was just in this void, with no sense of self at all. I didn’t even know if ‘me’ would ever come back. (I realise this begs the question: ‘Who was thinking, then?’ I don’t know, but I felt a complete dissolution of my whole psyche, with nothing left of me. Today I seemed to have ‘re-appeared.’ πŸ™‚ I know this sounds weird ….. believe me, it was weird.
    This is pretty encouraging, isn’t it? It’s less than 3 weeks since December 21st, and we are already noticing strangenesses! πŸ™‚ At this rate, as you say, we are making great progress!


    • Barbara, thank you for sharing your latest experiences. I’ve experienced so many extraordinary spiritual phenomena at this point that nothing surprises me anymore. It seems we are making the transition gradually each day now, as I am slipping between 3D and the HR daily at this point. It gets pretty exhausting, and it would just be nice to have this process be over and done with, but as long as we’re making progress, I suppose it’s fine. I just think back to the message I received before, “A wise, noble, and brilliant warrior counts his blessings.”

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