Ascension Update 12/10/12

I started feeling the energies of the 12.12.12 stargate streaming in at about 10:24 PM EST last night, and they are very powerful and blissful. I have been notified I am personally on track to complete my ascension by the morning of the 12th.

I was told I would be able to travel using my mind afterwards and that my ascension would serve as the catalyst for the awakening of humanity (detonation of the PAT supernova). I was also told I would be functioning in an entirely new world after my ascension and that I would very much enjoy my new life.

After my experiences of downloading the new light codes last night and throughout the day today, I already feel much lighter and very confident that my ascension will be completed on schedule according to the time frame above.

4 thoughts on “Ascension Update 12/10/12

  1. Dear Skyler. I too am a reader of Georgia Stankov and a member of the Pat. I have been a fan of ur site as well. Lets hope and pray that our time is finally here. Love andLight. Janice

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