Ascension Update 12/13/12

My latest information from my HS is correspondent with what Georgi stated in his latest post What Comes After 12.12.12 today. Basically, we (the PAT) have already ascended, but we are being held back on the ground to further facilitate the process for others. It appears we will be here until 12/21 at this point.

P.S. I’ve learned my lesson now: Barbara is always right! 😉

2 thoughts on “Ascension Update 12/13/12

  1. lol. 🙂 You know, it’s not me, Barbara, who’s right, Skyler. ‘I’ am often wrong 🙂
    But the information I get is usually right. When I was a child, 10, say, I understood how it works, and I saw it like this (I’m not saying I can DO it, to perfection, just that I get how it works).
    People think that we each have our own intelligence. As you know, that’s not so, there’s a kind of Universal Mind out there, with pure information, about everything, past, present & future.
    The only thing standing between it and our accessing it, is our ego, the false self.
    Higher Self just IS. It wants nothing, needs nothing, fears nothing – it knows it’s eternal, it just IS, and always will be.
    What I learned is that whenever we need, want, expect, fear, look forward to, etc, anything at all – even a tiny bit – it means we’ve fallen out of sync with HS, so our flow of information is blocked. (Or, bits get through, but it’s distorted).
    For instance, I was startled a few years ago when I realised that excitement, which I’d always thought of as a happy, positive thing, is really a mild form of fear! Excitement is composed of: “I really want this to happen, and I think it will …….. but I’m not 100% sure it will.” Desire + uncertainty, the slight worry that ‘it’ won’t happen. The HS knows it’s already in bliss, so it never gets excited about any future event.

    The reason I knew back in July, say, that Georgi Stankov etc were wrong about us *physically* ascending early (I agree with you, we already are in the higher dimensions, and do have our crystalline bodies ……. but we haven’t transformed yet), is because I kept getting over and over again that we will be here on the ground till the bitter end, which was this Christmas. The reason I trusted that rather than someone else, was because I haven’t got any impatience, or ‘Oh, God, when will we ascend?!’ exasperation ……. if I did, it would slant all the information I was getting. I do want the change, very much! – but not for myself. That’s why the information I get is pretty clear. But I absolutely understand the starseeds’ weariness and impatience. It’s just one of life’s little ironies that you can’t be in the bliss of 5D (and above) until you’re already in the bliss of 5D. 🙂 So I think you have exactly the right attitude.


    • Barbara,

      You are exactly right. An early physical ascension was always a product of wishful thinking, especially by those who are undergoing much physical discomfort. Regardless, we are in the last stretch home now, and all that’s left to do is enjoy the remaining days left on this plane as much as we can.

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