Ascension Update 12/25/12

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you’re all having a wonderful time with your loved ones on this most joyous day. I’m sure many of you are still a bit down in the dumps about the 21st, but I have some news today that may cheer you up.

During our meditation session today, my mom’s sister called and expressed a level of consciousness that my mom had never witnessed before. Usually, my aunt is very preoccupied with her bundle of children (she has six, I believe, they’re Catholic) and, while this wasn’t a big deal, it was apparent enough for my mom to notice, and that was the first sign that our work is beginning to manifest.

After the interruption, we continued our meditation, and we both experienced remarkable breakthroughs. After we finished, I continued on my own for a bit longer, and meditated in front of a window with the sun shining directly on me.

As I sat there basking in the light of the sun, I began chanting a mantra silently: I AM THE SUN. I AM THE SUN. I AM THE SUN. And as I did this, I had the inspiration that the sun is the sol (soul). So I began chanting I AM THE SOUL.

As I did this, I entered an even deeper state of consciousness, then transitioned to lying on my back on my bed. As I lied there, I could feel my chakras (wheels) spinning very quickly, warming up my body (vehicle) for takeoff (astral travel).

I had the same intense orgasmic physical sensations as my previous out of body experiences, but this time it felt as if the process was shut down prematurely. Perhaps the point of this experience was merely activation, and not to lift off quite yet, but regardless, it was still a very blissful and healing experience.

After this experience, I consulted my Higher Self through divination to gain more insight into what had just occurred, and I was told that I would ascend after I fell asleep tonight and, after I awoke, I would be an ascended being.

I believe this occurrence further demonstrates the success of our efforts on the 21st, and that the past three days were in fact the prophesied three days of darkness, although the darkness was merely a metaphor of our existential fears.

We shall see what happens tonight, although it is always important to remember that, while this information is accurate, it is very easy for us to misinterpret the meaning of it with our third dimensional egoic minds. The process of ascension is perpetual, and when we’ll experience it physically is always subject to change.

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  1. That sounds great, and I can actually believe it, that we just may have lift-off of some kind. I am really noticing the wonderful energy pouring in today! Also noticing a marked split between dark and light, A and B, old grid and new, or whatever we want to call it. The negative are getting more so, and the light-filled are more loving and awake, like your mom’s sister. I have been hearing about this from others. Someone said to me yesterday, ‘It’s weird, everyone I know has been so full of love, it’s as if they’re being the best possible version of themselves – I didn’t believe in a ‘Shift’, but something’s definitely changed!’ And she said that her friends are not normally like that at all, they’re apathetic or low-spirited.
    Hearing about this is like seeing water after a long trek in the desert! ūüėÄ


    • Most definitely, Barbara! Thank you for the confirmation. This is the time of miracles, and if it’s going to happen at all, it must be now or by New Year’s!

  2. “A family that prays together stays together”: And that’s a good thing ! If true it will work for families that meditate too. Be safe over the holiday season. Eat a light dinner before bedtime. Traveling on an empty stomach is not a good idea.

    • Barbara, thank you for sharing Karen’s update. I just read her post for today (the 28th) as well, and I concur with her assessment. I’ve seen others make mention of this stasis period, and it seems we’re being kept on the ground to further serve as anchors for others.

      I’m experiencing daily expansion in both my dreams and meditations, so I have no doubt about our progress. A lot of people are complaining about the delay, but I’m still excited to see what happens over New Year’s, since there will be an expanded capacity of light to work with.

      We’ll see what happens!

  3. Hello Skyler,

    Yes – and I’ve felt a huge energy-wave come in a couple of hours ago, have you? It’s stronger than the one around 9th Dec., and that’s really saying something!
    Clairvoyantly, I saw last week that the two earths have now vibrationally separated, there’s a gap (ever-widening) between them, and I’m noticing the effects everywhere. The old-grid earth, we could call it planet B, and the new one, AB. (And kind of above/superimposed on AB, is ‘A’, the fifth-dimensional world. So a handful ascend to A, some remain in the B reality, but most will transfer to AB, at least that’s how it appears to me. We will be visible to those on AB, as it’s a kind of ‘higher 4D earth’

    When thinking a few days ago about the ‘holding pattern’ we were then in, I had an inner vision of a big white jet full of passengers, engines roaring, but not taking off. The passengers were swiftly removed and put in small white and gold aircraft, helicopters, Cessna-sized planes, etc, which rose up in the air. Needs no comment! ūüôā

    You might be interested in this dream of Freestone’s! He’s a man in his 70’s in Florida, an old soul, with a great track record of dreaming true, he doesn’t tend to go to 5D, but he often astral travels to the higher levels of 4D.
    He had the dream on the night of December 25th. He didn’t really believe in the ascension process, and thought that nothing had happened on Dec. 21st, so the vivid dream surprised him. He dreamed that he was in the air force base where he used to work in real life, and which always symbolises, in his dreams, a higher-dimensional world.
    His dream ties in with what I’ve been seeing; I believe he was accurately seeing that earth AB has now been ‘birthed’, so to speak, is functioning independently of the old 3D earth, and is ready for habitation – all that remains now is the transfer of the humans. I’ll post his dream below, see what you His dream ties in w

  4. (Sorry, typo at end of last post: I meant, “See what you think.”)

    Freestone’s dream.

    ‘Dream begins and I am in my air force squadron and in the work area.¬† The computers and fellow airmen and
    officers. Here today I am told there is a mandatory  meeting, at air base headquarters, a meeting of the very highest magnitude.
    Next scene is that I see myself sitting with my workmates. There might be 30 of us all, we are sitting in a reserved area. I can tell that this room is a *HUGE* auditorium type of place.  immense. But I cannot see it!   There is us all, then there is an
    oriental type of screen set up so that I cannot see beyond the group of people. Some of them sit beyond the end of the screen such that I can tell it is set
    up so that *I* cannot see more. I sense that the stage and speaker area is up there and I am not to see this.
    I sense too that there are many many people here.
    [I actually think this screen is for my own protection! That in this hall are beings that I might find so strange
    that I might wake up immediately! High masters and aliens, maybe!  Or maybe beings from *such* a
    high level up that I cannot see them at all, all that I would see perhaps is a milky whiteness].  

    The hall is hushed in reverence! An announcement is to now be made. I can feel the Presence of a high speaker, up there beyond that screen. Silence.¬†A pin could drop with a “thunk”!
    An announcement is now being made. I only hear or understand some of
    [These are MY WORDS, unfortunately I cannot recall the speaker’s own
    “We made it!¬†The ascension…harvest, process is now complete in that it is Rolling.¬†The Setup has been complete.”
    [actual ascension, for each soul, might take a while for
    some souls!]

    ¬†A huge huge “Cheer” goes up, a great hurrah runs through this
    crowd of souls.
    The yelling and exclamations quiet back down, as the speaker
    The speaker gets very
    emotional here. With much feeling he describes some of the setup process. It did indeed culminate at Dec
    21st. But that IS the Project. Finished now, is done, complete. [think: took years and years to build that house-copy. It is still mostly empty though. But the house project is now DONE.] And now individual
    tenants will move in, apartment by apartment, over time, from Dec 22 onwards!]
    The speaker hardly now can even talk! [I suspect that if this speaker were a woman, and incarnated on earth, she would cry
    and bawl, with handkerchief at the ready, so filled with feelings!!]
    He sort of tells how
    there were some souls doing work that is …….
    [far FAR under the radar of anyone knowing about this!!Stankov, lightworkers Do
    Not Know, did not know. Even Steiner would be
    clueless, *this* is the level of top secretness here!]

    The topic of the speaker is now directed towards this *thing* so secret. No
    names are mentioned. No place, no planet.
    There is an uproar in the crowd! There is an uproar in my work group! All of a sudden everyone
    to the last person makes the identical hand gesture. In the dream I think of
    the “V for victory” gesture at ww II end. Two fingers held up a bit *like* the V for victory, but here the pointing finger
    and the second finger are held together so that they touch,
    or nearly touch. I can see light between these two fingers, but it is NOT a separation enough for the V for victory symbol.
    The workgroup is VERY
    excited!! This goes on a moment
    and then a hush again comes….
    [Someone or someones have been singled out for recognition, in this Thing, the souls mentioned above.]
    There is a feeling in the air of “speech …speech….speech!”
    Someone then gives a speech. Some soul that is of the souls that has been pointed to.
    [Committees do not do much, it is always One Person! Here it might be TWO people/souls, as each is a finger!]
    A speech is heard. And I
    cannot quote all of it. I CAN tell you the gist of it though.
    ….it was about the usual “thank you alls” and such.¬†Then he,
    and it was a man speaking, then he talked about the
    “common man”.¬†The low common man”.
    Like: the bartender, the automobile mechanic, the “ordinary” housewife with
    only a partial school education, the homeless man. the¬† janitors, the maids, the “lower class” people. More of a symbol than of
    a literal lower class. For what is symbolized here, I think, is the lower class of souls incarnated who have little of spirit in their hearts.
    Like: the IQ 140 college professor who is liberal left cynical, the new ager pagan, the business man, the prostitute, the drug dealers, the street people. [Think: the woman at the well of Samaria that Jesus thought worthy of salvation!]
    My squadron people echoed the talk to themselves… “Ah…the aircraft
    mechanics, the cooks, the¬† …….” [low level positions for those who fail most of the aptitude tests for air force
    better positions].
    [The new house-copy is not for the spiritual elite alone! Betcha some new agers
    will be shocked to discover who is there with them!¬†Namely, the very last people they might feel worthy of ascension! —this is the tone of the whole speech and the work mates of my squadron repeating this in their own words.]

    There the dream ends.¬†Everyone dancing around now with that V finger sign.¬† it means Victory all right but not *as* a “V”, there to *me*, is an indication of either two masters at work or that two planes are nearly touching – two planes to intersect, bring Spirit down to the earthplane.’

    • Barbara, thank you for sharing this excellent dream and your latest insights. This information corresponds with my opinion of the current status of the ascension process, and provides further evidence of what we’ve achieved in these past days and what’s going on behind the veil.

      I know there are those out there (like Georgi) who are legitimately suffering from ascension-related pains, and they have all the right to complain and be disappointed about the outcome of the 21st, but it was never guaranteed we would undergo physical ascension at that time, we simply tried to make a coordinated effort, and it resulted accordingly.

      Of course I don’t have to explain this to you, as we’ve been on the same page about all of this the entire time, but I just wanted to make the point that ego-based expectations always set us up for failure if we’re not approaching them with the appropriate mindset. I view the 3D dates merely as checkpoints for coordinated efforts, not concrete deadlines, and I think that’s the trap many lightworkers fall into along the way.

      When one is balanced and in harmony with himself it makes no difference what the circumstances are, but this is the toughest lesson to master of all, especially when embodied in duality.

  5. Around the 21st, I got a jolt of energy. A pulse that fried every cell of my body. Shocked me awake in bed. Scary, but it didn’t hurt. Last night (12/29/12) I had an intense dream. I quickly glanced to the horizon and chunks of land started to materialize in the air building a dome that looked like it would encapsulate the earth eventually. Like we would be inside of an inside out earth or something. An inner voice exclaimed loudly, but where all around me could hear, “It’s happening!” Suddenly I’m spinning inside a powerful vortex of energy like a tornado. Like in an amusement ride. Nothing to do, but let go and go along for the ride. Something very profound has happened. -Marjorie

    • Marjorie, thank you for sharing this amazing experience! Big moves are certainly being made behind the veil, and those who are awakened should be noticeably expanding daily at this point. These are very exciting times we’re in. Happy new year to you! ūüôā

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