Ascension Update 12/30/12

Since the 21st, I’ve been noticeably expanding in both the lucidity of my dreams and the depth of my meditations. While it may seem we’ve hit a standstill after the 21st, I can say for sure from my daily experiences that this is not the case.

For those familiar with the Gaia Portal blog, I’d say the information being shared by this enigmatic source is quite accurate. Here is the latest post for the 30th:

Channels of 5D energy have widened upon Gaia. These widened channels part of process of Gaia upliftment into 5D. Sensation of floating, and/or “not being present in 3D” are currently the norm.

As these sensations are embraced, as much as possible, infusion of 5D energies into Gaia occurs.

“humanity (small ‘s’)” dissolves. Hue-manity awakens.

Meetings are being held in the higher realms, and both last night and today, after being triggered to lie down to enter stasis, I attended sessions with my fellow comrades of the Ashtar Command as well as knights of the Agarthan family.

I was told to tell everyone, “Final preparations are being made tonight. You will start your next stage of ascension after you meet your new year tomorrow night.”

It is vital that we learn our lesson from the 21st, and not allow our impatient, egoic perception of ascension to bring us down if the results we are hoping for do not come to pass right away in third density. Just know that progress is being made daily, and soon enough it will be completely evident to everyone.

Stay strong, and have a happy new year! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Ascension Update 12/30/12

  1. Thank you, Skyler! Yes, Gaiaportal does seem eerily accurate. And I have the pleasant floatiness, too. I agree with you – no ego, no expectations …… it would indeed be very nice if we could have totally wrapped up human and planetary ascension in one 24 hour period on the 21st, wouldn’t it, but the process is probably more complex than that! 😀
    I can so clearly feel and perceive that the shift is happening, that any impatience has gone, and even if tomorrow night brings just one gentle step upwards, I’ll be fine with that. We ARE moving, so it will take as long as it takes, and it’s becoming interesting now!


  2. Yes Barbara! The numerous “delays” caused my temperamental side to dissolve into nothingness. I simply don’t care what happens as long as I am at peace with my thoughts. Mental flexibility is fun!

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