Ascension Update 3/29/13

Similar to the reports of many other PAT members and other lightworkers, I’ve also been hit pretty hard these last couple of days by the ascension waves.

While I do not experience the symptoms as harshly as the older folks, I do feel a great level of fatigue from these waves, and I’ve undergone test runs in the usual half awake/half asleep state bridging dimensions between 3D and above.

I do not have any particularly extraordinary spiritual experiences to report other than the usual occurrences of attending sessions with other extraterrestrial beings involved in the ascension process in the dream state, although I can say that my awareness has certainly expanded to the point where I am much more lucid in the dream state, even being able to state that I am in fact dreaming when I am in a dream and taking advantage of that awareness.

After participating in this process for so long, it really has become a part of everyday life now, and I’m just hoping that today was in fact the end of the three days of darkness as reported by channels throughout the esoteric community.

I am very much looking forward to engaging in the next step of the ascension process, and I can certainly say that both internal and external conditions are pointing to the next stage commencing very soon, perhaps even this weekend.

That’s all for now. I will post more updates on my personal status as we progress.

2 thoughts on “Ascension Update 3/29/13

  1. Dear Tyler,
    I reading that material from Dr. Georgy for a year now and very much agree with his observation.
    Today I feel just not in my dish plate as a saying of folklore.
    Something is going on, really…
    Two days ago I saw a dream in which I entered an elevator with only one button – with # 13 on it, instead supposed to be 19 of all the 19 floors in the building where I live. I live on 4th floor.
    I went up and lift stopped and there I was met by military style smiling woman, who gave me a passport like document and said just wait.
    She went to other 2 people about 20 feet away.
    When I looked down on this passport, I awoke in my bed!!!

    Light and Love to you…

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