Ascension Update 7/17/13

If you have not already read the latest information on Georgi’s website, I suggest doing so now. The latest intel we have received is that the US dark cabal will attempt to trigger a global geophysical catastrophic event using HAARP, such as a series of mega-earthquakes, that would ultimately end the lives of billions of people.

It brings me great sorrow to report my confirmation of the accuracy of this information, as I felt a trigger of recognition while reading Georgi’s article as if I had already known about this occurrence from the future but had simply forgotten it due to the veil of forgetfulness.

It has been said that the past is the greatest indicator of the future, and considering the similar fate that is believed to have occurred to Atlantis, this conclusion seems completely probable to me. As long as there has been duality on this planet, the dark scientific elite, through their megalomaniacal motivations, have pushed the natural order of the planet to the brink and will not stop until they have completed their heinous goals of utter destruction and genocide.

At this point, through the revelations brought forward by Edward Snowden regarding the spying of all citizens by government intelligence agencies all over the world, the cabal has lost their curtain of secrecy to the masses and is now completely desperate to secure their authority in their next fateful stage of development on a hell-like catastrophic 3D Earth, as portrayed in many recent Hollywood movies, such as After Earth and Oblivion.

If you want to see a good depiction of what will happen at the time of this apocalyptic event, just watch the latest Seth Rogan movie This is the End and you will see it all portrayed right in front of your eyes—ascending through portals to Heaven included. As I’ve mentioned before, Hollywood is always one step ahead of the curve, implanting the masses with depictions of the negative harvest in order to fertilize the collective consciousness for the manifestation of this future timeline probability.

So it is only natural at this point for those who have been aware of this ongoing scenario to feel skeptical of the reality of this outcome, and I certainly don’t blame you. All I can say is, again, look to the past to determine the likely outcome of the future and remember the atrocities that have been committed before: the Holocaust, the nukes on Japan, 9/11, and of course all of the atrocities in Africa and the Middle East that are occurring as we speak. So do not let your guard down just because you have been programmed to be complacent. See through the filters of the media and the conditioned mind, and you will find that the truth of the matter is quite clear.

Lastly, I have received guidance from my HS stating that July 21st will be a significant date. Expect an ascension test run on that day and the usual symptoms that come with energy spikes: mind chatter, lethargy, bodily aches and pains, etc.

That’s all for now. Stay strong and aware.

12 thoughts on “Ascension Update 7/17/13

  1. Dear Skyler,

    your premonition is absolutely correct and I have just received the new message from Jahn where it is confirmed that this HAARP -induced Mega-earthquake has been triggered on July 16th on all three lower 4D earths and that about 2/3 of the human population there – roughly 4 billion human beings with soul fragments or soulless empty images of humans – have been annihilated. It is Obama who has personally taken the responsibility for this.

    This event will trickle down or better upwards to our upper 4D in the coming days as the Elohim, whose message I will publish today have assured us.

    What is important to know is that most of us have sent their soul segments to these lower three catastrophic 4D earths in the hope to awaken some more souls. This attempt has now fully failed and many of us have physically died there as parallel personalities. This could have been experienced in the last several days as depression, anxiety and grief ,as was the case with my dual soul, who had the fear that I might die soon. After that her HS told her that this was a parallel life, in which she has been attuned, on the lower 4D earths where indeed 4 billion human beings have been killed by the dark cabal. It is mind boggling as this all happens multidimensionally and we shall not directly experience any of this, but this surge of utter darkness will fuel our imminent ascension very soon. The events have now accelerated.

    This dreadful crime was not planned in this way and the HR are now in total perplexity as to how humans can commit such a capital crime on other humans.

    But this global disaster is reality since July 16th and now it must trickle upwards into the higher three 4D earth and in particular into our upper 4D timeline before we can ascend. It is hence not sure if this Mega-earthquake will also occur on our timeline, but it is sure that it will not affect us and we will not experience it directly.

    It is an extremely complex picture where one should detach from the linear thinking and what happens here and watch all the parallel scenes at the same time with the inner third eye and then conclude what will appear on our scene.

    With love and light

  2. Skyler – i love you and georgi, but details are quite, well off.

    why has it been closed since June then?

    i know what time we’re in, dont get me wrong. but to claim to know so much about the future and get so many details wrong, and for georgi to be as flippant about it as he is…just leaves me wondering, is this really positive or simply another distraction.

    to each their own i suppose 🙂 what a wonderful planet we’re playing with…

    peace and one love,


    • Dear Patrick,

      Of course we do not know what is going to happen in the future, we are simply making our best predictions as any chess player would, and you have to be constantly updating your intel in order to stay one step ahead of the opponent.

      Regarding the HAARP facility, the article claimed that the military is trying to get it functional again as soon as possible, and besides, the Alaska station is probably not the only one of its kind in the world.

      So ultimately it’s up to you to decide how to process this information. It’s much easier to disregard the hard truth than it is to face it head on and embrace it.

      • Thank you for your feedback though I wasn’t aware of any opponents as we’re all One.

        Hard truths are few and far between reading about anything, though hard truth is rarely missing from experience.

        Since I dont have any experience with HAARP, factually I care not either way as there is very little facts and evidence I’ve ever possessed to determine a ‘position’.

        BTW…the 21st is national ice cream day…good pick!

        take it easy brother,


        • Patrick,

          Indeed, we are all one at the highest level, but there are still many aspects of us on the lower levels who have forgotten this fact, and it is our duty to lead those who have gone astray back home—that is what family is for.

          It doesn’t matter to me if our predictions are accurate or not. We are not doing this for glory; we are doing this because we sincerely care about the development of this planet, and living as slaves is not acceptable.

          You can continue to remain on the sidelines, or you can take a stance for your fellow brothers and sisters who are suffering on a daily basis. It’s your call.

          • I’m curious how you claim I chose to sit on some “sidelines.” This is a spiritual path, yes. And yet I find the spirit most moving inside a court room using law and being honorable rather than talking about something that isn’t tangible (yet we all sense is still there!).

            90% know spirit exists, that’s not the issue. Taking a stand isn’t writing about it, taking a stand is well standing up in the body and doing something different, making a different choice this time in spite of the bodies fears of what you’ve put it into.

            I’m intimately aware of the body and its incessant fears of death, restraint, etc. Its not fun when it begins screaming inside, yet when it’s over, I am so thankful to hold less fear from facing it head on (doing something “out here”).

            I am doing my part, and I have awakened untold numbers to the power within through law. Am I still on the sidelines? 🙂

            When you get a feel for their laws, you can understand the universoul law we’re all operating from to begin with and just use that. Tapping into that power gives one total liberty from fear which is TRULY the only thing in the way, that’s it!

            Practical skills are necessary to bring the al.chemical wedding to its fruition, total transformation inside noticing total transformation outside. Where is that mirror!? 🙂

            we’re on the same ocean just choosing mutually beneficial yet different course headings.


          • Patrick,

            Of course, I do not know the details of your personal efforts, so I cannot comment in that regard. You are obviously an awakened person, but I sense that you are still acting as a fence straddler or “doubting Thomas” as Georgi likes to say, meaning that you are still choosing to live a life of denial within the Orion system despite your knowledge of its insidious nature. You sound like a very nice person, but your words ring of false, fluffy love and light like most New Agers who are not involved in the LBP and have no real compassion or conviction toward assisting in this ascension effort. There is, of course, nothing wrong with this choice, it is simply a different path in the same ocean, like you said.

          • Hey skyler, thanks for projecting your new age box onto me. Time for me to drop this place since ad hominem is your preferred path of beating down substance raised to which you didnt even touch with a ten, let alone a five foot pole. I was with georgi before he even put up the first website when he published his first manuscripts.

            I studied money since age 12 which is why i have the email i have (only u can see it). Then i studied law…money/law is orions control system and you call me fluffy? I’m using their own words against them and empowering others to do the same and somehow I am on the fence?

            You’re either really nieve, or purposely avoiding the substance shared. The true test to your character will be if these comments are (not) deleted.

            Fluffy love/light…wow…i’m talking pure substance standing as a spirit, acting as a man in law and you come off with calling my words fluffy? brother, you say nothing of practical real world change from this choice and choose to throw descending comments my way? I can see how georgi makes his arrogant comments about ignorant wo/men, but you skyler, haven’t earned it.

            Dude…look in the mirror. I’ll let you have the last say…i’m out.

            peace and one love,

    • Valerian,

      Take the information or leave it; it’s your free will choice to believe whatever you want, but I doubt you will ever find a more reliable source (other than your own intuition) than the PAT.

  3. @Patrick (continued from top),

    Why would I delete these comments? I finally got something real out of you. Stop taking everything so personally; we’re just having an honest conversation. You’re free to call me out, too. That’s what friends are for.

  4. Hello Brothers!
    It is extremely delicate this end time, but we count with the forces of the perfection flow of the eternal now! We are together, we will full force and nothing will hold us, we have won and the real truth will reign, and it is simple: WE ARE ALL ONE and everything should reflect this love, because there is truth

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