Ascension Update 9/23/12

Greetings everyone, I hope you are all doing well. The energy this weekend has been very expansive as expected, and I can confirm that we are progressing forward with the ascension process according to plan with great success.

This entire week has been disorienting for me (in a good way), as my brother came home to visit, throwing the daily routine all out of whack. The dissolution of linear time and the transition to zero-point is becoming more and more apparent with each day as the hours seem to pass by in a blur, and the ability to manifest thoughts into physical reality has increased with substantial capacity.

Thursday night I started my meditation session around 11:45 PM, and the moment the clock hit 12:00 AM, it felt as if a switch was flipped inside of me, the emotional floodgates bursting open as tears of joy streamed down my face, and a feeling of homecoming overtook my body, the initiation of ascension confirmed.

The rest of that night was not quite as blissful, as I struggled to fall asleep, but I could sense that the matrix was shifting, as if the energetic equilibrium had been shredded into pieces, and was working to upgrade and rearrange itself again.

This feeling of instability continued throughout the day on Friday as well, as if my body was working to adjust itself to the new infrastructure being installed, but by the late evening, I felt blissful again, as if my frequency was rebalanced.

Although I did not have an out-of-body experience like I expected, my meditation session late Friday night was very expansive and blissful, an experience I can only describe as a cosmic orgasm. It was like being pulled through a portal, a deep and extended session that left me very satisfied.

Saturday during both the day and night was uneventful, as if the energies had reached a plateau and leveled out, and it feels much the same today, so it seems the main work has been done, and we’re now gradually completing the transition over the next couple of days, the entire Equinox event finalizing after the 26th.

It has been said that we will then experience the aforementioned PAT Supernova, the catalyst of the interdimensional split and other related events, so I presume that the Equinox is acting as the groundwork for this occurrence.

So it seems that we have not experienced the event of ascension that we have been anticipating yet, as I’m sure it will be completely obvious and unanimous among all of us who are attuned and closely following this process once it occurs.

Regardless, I can say for sure that this weekend was the start of the great acceleration that we’ve been waiting for, a leap forward in our progression toward planetary ascension that will come into fruition by the end of the year.

5 thoughts on “Ascension Update 9/23/12

  1. Hmm. I really really don’t think – this is based on what I see and hear from my HS etc – that the PAT are going to have an early ascension. It was a possibility on 11:11:11, but not now. My conviction is that we will be here on the ground right up until Dec. 21st. (I don’t mean, ‘Detonate, then come back in lightbody to help with the planetary ascension in December’ – I mean that WE will not go supernova, will not ascend, till December).

    I differ completely from Georgi Stankov about that. I’m not fixed on it; I am open minded, it’s just that *all* my inner information in words from HS, dreams, visions, etc, says December. Georgi would say that in that case I’m just a non PAT member who’ll reach only lower 5D with the masses in Dec. 😀 But that’s not true.
    There definitely are big dramatic energy upgrades on the way to December, though, and the recent Equinox period was one of them! I saw new light codes being streamed very fast into human beings …….. like a new program being installed. But, and there was a ‘but’, it means removal of the old program…….. and nothing that’s incompatible with spirituality can be carried over to the new one. For some humans, so much of their individuality is tied to the old program (not meaning conscious matrix-loyalty, but a kind of atheistic, materialistic world-view), that to undergo the transition means they’ll be almost childlike again, as there’s very little ‘Self’ able to be carried over to the new program!


    • Barbara,

      To be honest, I think you are absolutely right, that the PAT (and I see this as just a simple term to describe the most developed individuals on the ground, regardless of association with Georgi) will stay on the ground until December, and that until then we will just receive upgrades at the critical alignments.

      I think this weekend clinched this understanding for me, and I know Georgi likes to be hopeful, since he wants to get out of here, but I think shooting for ascension before December is not going to happen – it just doesn’t make sense to remove your star players before the end of the game.

      We’re in for the long haul like everybody else, and I know what you mean by the “atheistic, materialistic world-view”, it has to do with being disconnected from Source, and being conditioned to remain attached to third density, unconscious that the physical plane is merely virtual reality.

  2. Skyler,
    I know exactly what you mean. I had a hunch a while ago, and I went back and carefully re-read the messages from their HS that some people have sent to Georgi, asking myself, “Is there any way these could be interpreted to mean: ‘Yes, you are ascending, it is very close, and on this or that date you will take a huge frequency leap upwards – but (in parentheses) only in December will you ignite.” The answer was YES!
    And conversely, if you have a slight bias towards wanting ascension now, you’ve had enough (I mean, we’ve all had enough! :)), then the messages sound as if they’re saying that. (It reminds me of times I wondered, ‘Does this person like me??’ – and of course, if you want them to like you, you’re reading all kinds of meaning into a simple ‘Hello’; then later I’d think, ‘Oh, he was probably just being friendly.’ :))

    I actually had a …… not just a dream ….. after the failed 11:11 ascension, in which a huge angel-type being told me very clearly, in words, that we would now have to remain until Christmas 2012. I was devastated, and said, ‘Oh, NO! Tell me you’re kidding me!’ He/she looked very sympathetic, but said we would have to.
    I’m not rigidly going just by that …… the strategies of this Plan can turn on a dime, and several times, like around the lion’s gate, we seemed so close, like a sixteenth of an inch away from ascension, but the critical light quotient wasn’t quite reached. 🙁 But just in the last month, I’ve had so many dreams and words all telling me firmly and unequivocally that yes, it will happen, we will ascend in an explosion of light, witnessed by others …… but that it will happen in December. Believe me, I’d love it if we could ascend tomorrow, but like you, I can intuit that it would make no sense by this point to take us off the field. There are only 89 days left! Oh well. Also, these blasts of energy upgrades are INTENSE, aren’t they? I can see now that if the PAT had to go through this in one fell swoop in December, it would be one heck of an adjustment. We’re moving as fast as we can from being 3D earth humans, albeit ones who know and remember their origins and mission, to fully functioning and aware Galactic citizens …… and even at this slow speed it’s a challenge, isn’t it?


    • Barbara,

      I completely agree with everything you mentioned, and my latest post today (the 24th) reflects the same points.

      And yes, the upgrades have been very intense. Some days feel very much like being in suspended animation, like the latest posts from the PAT have described.

  3. Skyler,
    Yes, the suspended animation ……. I’m feeling that very much today for some reason, whereas I wasn’t over the last few days. It’s as if we were swimming in water, which suddenly turned to gelatine. I don’t know what’s going on exactly, with these ‘I’m in a clock that’s stopped’ days.
    I can imagine us, after ascension, understanding all these weird twists & turns in hindsight, and going, ‘Ahh, of course!’, but right now it’s a mystery, at least to me.
    Greetings from the gelatine pod. 🙂


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