Commentary on The Birth of the New Logos-Gods of Gaia and Humanity

This post is in response to the article The Birth of the New Logos-Gods of Gaia and Humanity by Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson posted on May 30, 2014.

Wow, what a phenomenal gift from Georgi and Carla! This latest post is not only huge in size (30,000 words), but huge in the scope of its message. It reminded me of reading the output of a computer’s processing transcript as it downloads and updates its operating system, only in this case there being two “voices” inside, like the Alpha and Omega.

While it’s too large of a document for me to be able to remember everything noteworthy (and man is it truly on another level), there were some specific points that stuck out in my mind that I’d like to share and discuss further.

In my opinion, the most important segments are in the last parts of the article, starting with this line from the Elohim in the April 21st section:

The greatest challenge of this humanity is to tame addiction, addiction from any source.

It then goes on to say:

Within the realm of your world, humanity has suffered from slow evolution, mainly arising from extremely painful experiences attaching to the emotional body aspect of the human expression.

This realm often represents purely unresolved emotional trauma that leads to unprocessed feelings within ones unconscious awareness. Unresolved trauma activates the pain body, and often measures are sought to appease these feelings, measures that result in addiction within the human vessel.

The most deeply systemic and most far-reaching issue of humanity at this time is addiction.”

As I’ve written a good deal about the negative impact that addiction and bad habits have on society myself, I couldn’t agree more with this argument, and of course it’s nothing new, as even popular mainstream writers such as Eckhart Tolle talk about addiction and its impact on spiritual development, but here is the jump that Georgi and Carla are able to make with this that the mainstream writers are not:

“Humanity carries a deep sense of disconnect and separation from divine source, and this fundamental experience leaves one feeling empty, alone, unwhole and incomplete. Mankind then believes a state of pan-deficiency exists as the basic truth of existence, and that one’s wholeness shall never be realized within the all-pervasive state of emotional, psychological, physical deficiency.

All emotion stems from this basic construct of pan-deficiency, and all addiction seeks to console any and all negative aspects arising from this focus.

You both have attacked ’the addiction’ at it’s root. All recent personal experience [Georgi, with the negative entity attached to you, and addicted to consuming your life energy] was the prerequisite to identify and initiate this massive cleanse of all humanity. After all, the majority of humanity suffers from addiction, in one form or another.”

In other words, they have taken it upon themselves to cleanse the collective by acting as conduits of higher frequency vibrations themselves for the benefit of the planet.

Just like how Agent Smith in The Matrix refers to humanity as a virus, I’ve often thought of fear and love as emotional viruses, with the Dark side (those who perpetuate slavery) working to infect and control the collective with fear, scarcity, and lies, whereas the Light side works to achieve freedom through spreading love, compassion, and knowledge.

Keep in mind one must have reached the appropriate level of consciousness in order to be able to perform this level of planetary cleansing work, i.e. 6D or what I like to call extraterrestrial consciousness or the level of functioning as the Higher Self.

This is the level that Georgi and Carla are operating from in their lives and communicating in this post, which is why it is so high vibration and seemingly “out of this world”. While they still remain in their human vessels, they’ve activated their souls (True Faces), and thus have access to much greater levels of power and influence over the progress of the planet. You could relate this to the concept of being an avatar, it means the same thing.

Furthermore, in the May 5th, 6th, and 12th segment, it states:

Your physical vessel is cleansing Gaia in this moment, yes, while she separates out her many parallel earths, where much dross is flooding the perspective, as she ascends into her ultimate timeline, the timeline of her final destination of ascended Beingness. Much dross is released with every copy, every hologram, even though each “copy” is empty of humanity as incarnated souls (4D holograms, consisting only of soulless, empty duplicates). She sheds that which does not serve her, and there is much!

Carla: Following the receipt of this message I then directly asked the Higher Realms for confirmation of my new role to cleanse Gaia, and I was flooded with a huge energy from my I AM presence as full and complete confirmation that now it is ALL about Gaia.

On May 12th, we had a dialogue with the 6D Fleet, where it was confirmed that timelines and holograms are shifting frequently, almost continuously, and that we are being pushed up constantly, every second, higher and higher towards the fifth dimension. They confirmed that ascension will come after the New Moon Portal, which is on May 28th. They further discuss that the proton stream that is now underway will continue until May 24th, when it shall abate, and when 3 days of stasis shall occur. When you asked if we shall ascend together, I saw a very strong vision of you, alone, with me being very faint in the background. My impression was that you ascend first, and that I will come later on, and that we will appear within three weeks, by June 21/22.

The concept of holograms or empty duplicates being carried over in the 4D timelines was mentioned in several posts by Georgi in the past. Basically, it’s a simple way of explaining why those who have reached a higher density of consciousness are still experiencing a lag effect on the physical plane, or in other words, why we are not seeing the physical world change at the same speed of the development of our consciousness.

We still haven’t reached the necessary turning point for a full shift, so the illusory old matrix is still being energized. Universal laws won’t allow us to exist in a fragmented matrix, so it has to “fill in the blanks” with empty shells (soulless people) to make things look normal, while it’s really not behind the scenes. That’s the best way I can explain it for now.

Also, the mentioned ascension date of May 28th is spot on, considering the article was published today (the 30th), and it usually takes exactly two days for the energetic effects of portals to propagate.

Lastly, in the May 17th message from the Agarthans, it states:

You both now reside across several dimensions, where you are able, within your activated vehicles of light, to bridge not only the third, fourth, fifth and sixth dimensional aspects and levels of Being, but where you are also able to move across many timelines, asserting positive far-reaching influence, between the third, fourth and fifth levels of creation.

This is achieved by your fully activated light bodies, necessary for the upcoming transition, your transformation through transfiguration. This achievement is what results in great fatigue and disorientation.

We are here to confirm your activation of several portals within this location on Mother Gaia at this time [I am shown the whole lower mainland, including White Rock, as well as southern Vancouver Island, the Victoria area].

You have dutifully aligned energetic pathways directly from your third/fourth dimensional overlay, into the fifth dimension as well as some collateral influence upon the sixth dimension, within the energetic centres, also infusing each portal with the infinity code, given to you at the White Rock portal upon your joint visit in February.

All codes, known or unknown to you, have been seeded by you both, into several key portals, including infinity codes, balanced divine masculine and divine feminine codes, Sacred Sun codes from Helios and Vesta, and inter-dimensional markers used to identify the ascending human, and ensure their ultimate ascension through this current gateway.

There are also codes which you have transmitted to humanity, that are activated, once a certain light quotient is attained, that then ultimately direct each individual to their designated timeline. As they achieve each new timeline, then new codes are anchored for any further upward change in timelines. One may go upward in evolution at this time, however, there is no falling back. New levels of frequency must be attained and maintained at consistent levels in order to receive the gift of upward expansion to a higher timeline.

Our presence, here and now, is to announce our arrival very soon, on the surface of Gaia. The energetic conditions have successfully culminated in such a way that herald in our arrival on the New Earth following the up-coming New Moon portal(May 28th).

This segment further clarifies the progression of the ascension process, mentioning again Georgi’s thesis that we are multidimensional beings undergoing a physical experience, and through the process of ascension we can achieve access to higher levels of consciousness beyond 3D reality. Georgi and Carla are trailblazers of this process, and since they have undergone this process themselves, they carry the Light codes that activate this process and are now transmitting them to the rest of the human collective.

Referring back to my previous metaphor of this process being like a computer updating its operating system, you could say Georgi and Carla are two individuals who have successfully downloaded and installed the new software, thus they are able to share it with others via their own web server (their consciousness), so that they can do it as well.

Like always, all of this stuff seems very abstract and irrelevant within our limited 3D experience, but it’s a look beyond the veil at what’s happening behind the scenes, so it will be interesting to see what happens on the physical plane to support this new development.

That’s all for now. If you have any questions on this stuff, please feel free to ask.

2 thoughts on “Commentary on The Birth of the New Logos-Gods of Gaia and Humanity

  1. Dear Skyler,

    this suprising new post by Georgi and Carla overhelmed me first, made me happy and I shed tears of relief. I can tell you, I felt the stasis so terribly!

    That you found it the same day and posted your comments, is also spot on!
    I’ve had cheased to check facebook daily, but suddenly on May 30th I thought aboutGeorgi’s site and went first to facebook.

    There are more signs, and percieved on the world stage, that June 21/22 , Summer Solstice, when the day is the longest of the year is a significant date for far-reaching decisions. The Elite knows about the inevitability of “The Event” and there is still the binary-star system, that can / will be spottedby satelites. The bublic though should be left to surprise, while the will already be enough uproar on the ground in the daily lives of people.
    It is sure culminating and the last drop, wil be the last drop 😉

    higher realms sent me a message through a young woman two days ago: I was outide ona sunny day at the diner nearby, lovely and very crowded that day, when I decided to detach for a moment from all the people and watched around. They have a windmill thatis like alwas running, I can see itfrom my home contantly. It was completey stading still andreflected a 24-rayed star as a shadow on the wall I was watching. Then Ilookes up the skies and could see the 6D shops.
    A young woman suddenly approached me to give me an ash-bin, I thanked her and the said: “Do you see? All is going well! ”
    Awesome,or? This was on 29th of May.

    Thank you for post, again, Skyler,
    looking forward to ourindividual ascension at “the Time”
    many blessings to you and all ascension pioneers,

    Joana from Berlin

    • Great to hear from you, Joana. I agree, Georgi’s post was quite the surprise, but I am glad to hear that he and Carla are doing well and continuing to lead the ascension march, as always.

      Indeed, the Elite know what the score is, and they are doing all they can to remain in control, despite the inevitable change that is on the horizon.

      It’s always interesting to experience synchronicities out in the world like your experience with that young woman. Keep your eyes open for more.

      You’re quite welcome, and I look forward to better times ahead, as well. Take care.

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