December 21, 2012: A Deadline for Self-Actualization

Aside from the esoteric aspects of the December 21, 2012 prophecy, I would like to reiterate that this date also represents a deadline for achieving the next level in your personal development. This means using this date as a target for reaching a state of full self-actualization in your own life.

So how does this play out in 3D reality?

It’s simple: Self-actualization is all about becoming connected with your full potential as a sovereign creator being. This means accomplishing your goals. This means manifesting the reality that you desire, creating your own heaven on earth, and living a life in motion that is completely fulfilling and aligned with your divine purpose.

So no more settling for less. No more waiting around for the right time to come, because that time will never arrive. Focus on the perpetual moment of now, not some projected date in the future. Deadlines are merely destinations that drive the process of creation, not ultimatums.

So it doesn’t matter if you meet your target date or not. What matters is that you accomplish your goals, and you are more effective when you are not stressed out over deadlines.

Now is the time to take the next step in manifesting the life of your dreams. Set December 21st as your target date for completion, and start taking action. With each step that you take, you will find yourself closer to your destination.

2 thoughts on “December 21, 2012: A Deadline for Self-Actualization

    • Jesca,

      As creator beings, we are always creating reality in the perpetual moment of now, so the point is to establish a goal of what you want to create as a starting point. But you’re right, it is not important to focus on the destination, but the journey that guides your path. In other words, it is only the ego that desires control, and true freedom lies in letting go of that desire, and simply allowing life to flow according to the directive of the soul.

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