Envisioning the Future: The Dawn of Kadmon Academy

As I mentioned in my previous post, last week I traveled from my new home base at Acorn Community in Mineral, Virginia to New York City to foster alliances with local communities, collectives, and co-ops in the area. Overall, our trip was successful, as we met with several new groups and individuals, and furthered our progress to potentially set up our own Point A basecamp in the future.

As I do this activism work, I’m learning about what it takes to build and run intentional communities, and I’m finding this experience to be absolutely invaluable to me, because my goal is to build my own spiritually-oriented intentional community in the future.

Right now, this idea is merely a fantasy, as I simply do not have the resources to make it happen, but I figure if I put this idea out there in the universe now, it will begin to manifest in ways that I cannot even imagine. Freedom Earth is an online spiritually-oriented community, so I’ve already succeeded in doing this in the virtual realm, but of course it is a much more complicated task to build a physical community.

Inspired by the lore of Star Wars, my goal is to build a Jedi (spiritual warrior) academy, which right now I am calling Kadmon Academy. It would be a place where people can come for discipline training, and live in harmony with nature among others who share the same ideals, although it would be universal–open to all belief systems. There would be an education center among other types of necessary facilities.

Soon I am going to register a domain name and start working on a website for the academy, and begin working on developing the philosophy for it. I will also be looking into fundraising and start reaching out to others to help make this happen.

This is my dream project, and I am committed to seeing it through. I believe it is the next step of my ascension mission, and everything I have worked toward is leading me to this.

Please let me know if you’re interested in the idea, and we can talk further. Right now this is in the beginning stages of development, so I am open to hearing more ideas.

6 thoughts on “Envisioning the Future: The Dawn of Kadmon Academy

  1. You are quite ambitious. For about a year now, ive wanted to be apart of something like this. Buddhist monasteries incorporate some of the ideas you mention but you’re idea allows for more creativity and flexibility (just a hunch) fo each individual in the Kadmon Academy.

    Tell you what, Im expecting to have at least 10 K saved up a year from now. If you take this concept to the next level I would very much like to meet you, because this is something id like to throw down on.

    • Dear Tyler,

      Thank you for your interest in the project. I am working on putting up a website for the academy soon (later this week or some time next week), and we can start collaborating about the philosophy and structure of the academy, if you’d like.

      Once I get further along, I will open the project up for donations and other investors. I have a lead on some potential land that I am currently investigating and will talk more about soon. I will post another update once I have the new website ready to go and we can take it from there.

  2. Greetings,

    Just a reminder/friendly note if you want to know the whole truth, the whole image of your role in this and abolishing your doubts, uncertanties, tapping in the wrong direction etc.:

    Any Attempt at Physical realm manifestation (to which we do not really belong, if one reads the non-bogus light messages “nowadays”: Horizontal creation=VANITY and irrevelance/within the currently collapsing matrix/system anyway, would not that look absurd already at first glance?
    Either way, our “creations”, may I say rather, restricted fantasy products molded by rough rock, at best it is merely a fraction as you already know, if not of poor quality, of the soular creative potential (creativity), projected upon an illusory plane, to make it worse, within an illusory, crumbling system (in the time of the grand revolution of souls and the culmination of all End time events).
    You can see that on higher dream-physical-esque planes, this “community”/various editions of it based upon momentary preference, is already existent. Dream is reality. Fusion, merge, as the new world emerges.
    We need not physical community, we are truly individual and “lonely” beings in this grand cosmic scheme temporarily, there is nothing we can do to change that in the remaining sojourn within physical bodies. And after the transformation you can achieve anything you wish, in a blink of an eye, do not bother with an illusory workload now, but do pursue what intellectually challenges you, and with which you can train your crystalline brain and psychic powers.

    But if this is what gets you through the thick and thin, the night(s) and day(s), the of achieving anyhting (applies to me too and everyone on the true ascension mission) then pursue it of course, it may and will help others indirectly on your part (no direct involvement) optimize the future, and you lay the foundations for them in their next physical era (those who will carry on with the space-time game in the history of stellar Gaia!

    Believe me, I did try uncountable times just to recognise such attempts always fell apart without an exception before the cohesiveness could set in, I just kept phasing/slipping out of it for some reason, like I am not really meant to be a direct participant in ANY, and any PHYSICAL community). No matter if I took it loosely, no difference it made when I sweated over it and invested tremendous mental effort into achieving this goal. I did manage to pinpoint the equilibrium between these two extremities but even that was not enough, did not compute.

    If we indeed are of same team and pace of goals, you feel the same way about it at some point of your being, yet it could be that you have yet to reach an Individual Universal mindset (where you dissolve your dependence on others or at least forget about it naturally, not subduing it yet transcending it) where you admit it to yourself that it indeed is not the way.I slipped to the Higher tides (isolation) with enjoying the only company of angels (more than enough), may I put it this way, but they, the upcoming generations of light-bent humanity will welcome your kind, humble and yet abundant assistance on the long run.

    Frankly, I believe we all should save our creative potential and finest ideas and release it where its due (the New 5-dimensional crystalline light Earth of Stellar Freedom). Besides, we have a whole new playground of infinite size, a new galaxy to experiment on with these communities, realms, I recommend you transmit all your creativity into it (for it is way more sensitive and receptive of your inner desires and creations) no matter how hard it may sound at the present moment, almost logic-defyingly all we have in our scope of vision is the objects and environments of the decaying matrix.

    Till that hour will arive, I wish the best of luck and smooth coping mechanism in enduring the gray monochromatic days and nights whose transitions we do not feel the same way anymore. Follow your inner voice and guidance indeed, regarding this, if it is your mission on this earth.

    If you can formulate any further question regarding this and similar topics, I’ll happily and willingly answer them.

    Namaste and prosper

    • Dear Elohim X,

      Thank you for your eloquent response. It seems like it was channeled right out of you!

      If the time for great change arrives before I complete this project, then so be it, I am in no way attached to the result. It is simply a project that I am passionate about, and if I am going to be here in this realm, then I may as well spend my time doing something that I find meaningful. It really is that simple. I didn’t come here to wait for 5D-Earth to arrive as I sit back in my La-Z-Boy, I’m here to create, and like you said, play on the wonderful playground that is available here.

      It is certainly possible that this is merely wishful thinking and will never occur, but that is fine with me. I am having fun playing this game, and when the time comes to move on to the next one, my bags are already packed and ready to go.

      To put it simply, I am done following ascension predictions, and now follow my own inner guidance to do whatever seems like the natural course of action. I have the ability to do this, so why the heck not? I do not waste time overthinking these decisions anymore.

      I appreciate your feedback and look forward to talking more with you in the future.


  3. Dear Skyler

    Feedback is always my pleasure. As I gather we whole-heartedly agree with each othe this subject, in all aspects, as you summarized/ the points in a simple manner/identical thing described with your form of interpretation which is more easily perceivable by average Joe (my style is always raw and often un-refined) (= the universal channeling of whole Understanding. That leads me to ponder, what is the point of Any conversation/discussion or argument, if we de facto truly function as One, in this mission at least, could not be otherwise if there is nothing to say but almost infinite chance to confirm and check, therein lies the pastime activity.

    I always channel myself, not some kind of higher being directly (God essence and previous/parallel incarnations knowledge universe-wide excluded), very well pinpointed, it is other’s “voluntary work and mission” to keep us informed.

    Following ascension predictions is a function which is somehow unavailable to me, of course it would defy logic and reasoning to keep worrying about it each second. We are well aware that the time has arrived, but we are smart enough to spend “time” consolidating our niveau of creativity and try to be aligned with our missions to be maximally helpful rather than worrying about deadlines which have dissolved anyway. In the past I was not like this though. Instead of that, developing ourselves against all odds ( as a kind of addendum to the unprecedented event and success in the multiverse) will catalyse the process into fruition beyond comprehension. There is nothing left to do, but a little chunk of source-energy yet to transmit (if you have have up this blessing/curse responsibility yourself, you know what I am talking about).

    Upon exploring soular past, how would it sound that the enemy of God that we are now woven to expel and let them weaken each other and descend ultimately, we might have been one of them themselves aeons ago (dark-side warriors decimating other stellar species, concretely).

    Many of us are concretely cornered by the system, without even being able to cherish such projects/keep such vibrant and clear mind as we do, leading to agression, lack of love etc., one of the main reasons of utter failure. It is the dense atmosphere, and not physicality itself, which precludes and asphyxiates the whole materialization of plans, wishes (leave the plans to God( eg. your soul) anyway, and simply execute those plans, not something else( path of least resistance). This proverb is quite similar to the phenomenon of channeling anyway. It’s either all or nothing, and we know we must stick to it yet we pretend that it does make adifference to attempt. Our attempts will only in some way optimize the evolutionary path of upcoming generations on long run, so it is not entirely pointless.

    As for my personal projects which include a poetry book (freely distriabutable, non-commercial etc.) called Ascension Poetry of the Penultimate Week for IncinDiary Minds which I am sporadically assembling now into a unit-volume (for the linear time being) I could dispatch an incomplete (forever expanding) copy if you are interested for you to meditate about/expand your mind, dark and bright hemisphere likewise, stimulate and synchronize/analyse the content/or enjoy some lyrical form channeling (formerly had a package of incoherent verses collection linked to the PAT HQ but it does not hit the standards)

    Saving the best news for the last. The recent gigantic issue that we fixed in dream state, though it could be noteworthy to mention. Quite major achievements I believe, this is our cooperative project and common success, make no mistake. We fixed The “faulty mind-patterns of earthly scientists which the captain scolded in an unpublished article, as a fellow scientist himself” and second, “humanities’ unwillingness to change for some primitive reason/misalignment, whichi property was likewise eradicated from them, for we do need their energy as fuel which they DO have upon this ultimate liberation act on our part”. Now it can all freely flow, now it is all available. Shame I can not get into further details for i have not checked into this dream-article, but maybe this achievement does ring a bell to you as well.
    GaiaPortal essentially confirms this, that we are right on track:

    But what is up next then? (Nothing for us to force, for we are the force itself conducting the next move from the higher fulcrum). Nothing for us to envision, for we are the propeller behind all up-lifting events.

    • Elohim X,

      I completely agree with you, and I know exactly what you mean by the blessing/curse statement as well as the fact that many of us have most certainly worked on both sides of the spectrum throughout history.

      It is as if you channel my own thoughts, too, as we share this collective mind, and words are not even needed to describe this phenomenon. As we progress higher and higher, we become more unified and the veil becomes less of an obstacle.

      As for your poetry book, I would be happy to host your work on the Books page here and help convert it to other formats for distribution if you’re so inclined. Feel free to email me with more details at skylernewman@gmail.com or you can use the contact form on the Contact page.

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