Managing Ascension Doubts

To anyone who may be having doubts regarding whether you will ascend in the first wave of cosmic ascension, rest assured that you are not alone.

Just like anything else, regardless of experience, knowledge, or any other criteria, there is no way to be fully prepared for the unknown.

You may be feeling there are others who are more qualified and experienced than you, but considering none of us have conscious memory of completing the ascension process before, we are all in the same boat.

Even myself, I feel like an astronaut about to embark on my first mission: I’ve completed my training, done my test flights, and prepared in every way imaginable, but none of this matters until the moment of departure.

Even after going through numerous simulations, the real thing is an entirely different animal; you can watch a roller coaster go round and round, but you can’t possibly know what it’s like until you experience it for yourself.

The advice I’ve given to others and like to remind myself is not to be too hard on yourself, and to remain light-hearted. I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised at how everything turns out, as it will be better than you expected, and in a way that you never imagined.

When you tread into unknown territory, it is only natural to have preconceived notions of the outcome, and to have doubts and fears of failure. This is part of the process, and know that you are not alone in feeling this way.

As I mentioned earlier, no amount of experience can prepare you for the real thing, but once the time comes, your knowledge and training will kick in, and all of your doubts will instantly fade away.

5 thoughts on “Managing Ascension Doubts

  1. There’s a lot of interesting stuff going on!
    My inner information, from visits to the higher dimensions at night, is that despite what Georgi Stankov thinks, the PAT are going to be still here on the ground until December. The detonation will not take place until then.
    But that doesn’t mean ‘We will remain just as we are now, for the next 3 months.’ The energy coming in now is HUGE, and there will be further frequency step-ups in October and November. Most of us (PAT) are already living as if in the 5th dimension and above, while on earth, and this will increase all the time, even though we can’t completely ascend until December. (By that I mean, the explosion of light whereupon we transform into a pure lightbody. Although technically the PAT have already ascended, they still are stuck in the 3D body, which needs food, sleep, warmth and other 3D things).
    You can see the effect on the masses of this magnification of energy just by watching the news and looking online; I think by October it will look like half the world has gone insane.


    • I agree, Barbara. It has been my interpretation that the PAT’s cosmic ascension will function as the trigger for the ID split and the other big events, and we will remain on Earth until December to complete the planetary ascension.

      This first wave is merely the catalyst for the final stage of the process, and as you mentioned before, it is no coincidence that it is occurring at this juncture in this quarterly manner, exactly three months prior to December 21st.

  2. That’s how I see it too, exactly! (And I can’t believe I had forgotten all about the autumn, fall equinox, but what with so much other spiritual stuff going on, it had completely slipped my mind! :D)
    I really want to tell you about an interesting dream, of the ascension of some people, that a friend mailed me a couple of days ago – a friend who does not believe in ascension. I just haven’t had time yet, but will post it as soon as I do.


  3. Skyler;

    For people who have ascension doubts, I offer this to add to your article above.
    On Sept. 17th, a friend mailed me about a dream he’d just had. I’ve had many dreams and test-runs of ascension, and you probably have, too. But the significance here is that this friend doesn’t really believe in it.
    (He doesn’t mind me sharing what he writes on the internet). He’s a nice person, spiritual, and often has precognitive dreams, but he’s not been going through the ascension process which the first-wavers have, so he’s sceptical. I have told him about it, but he’s not convinced. He thinks the world will go on pretty much the same for years and years, and has often said that probably nothing at all will happen on December 21st 2012, and a lot of people will have egg on their faces! 🙂

    On Sept. 17th, I got an email from this friend. He said he’d had a dream the previous night of what he thought must be the end of the world, and which was “a bit far out”, and asked me what I made of it?

    In the dream, he was in Spain:

    “And here the very first event happens. A man is seen from a distance and suddenly there is an incredible bright pinpoint of light on
    his head which immediately spreads to all of him, seen by
    witnesses several hundred feet away. To me, in the dream, I saw it;  looked like a photo flash going off but lasting a number of seconds. Then there was no one there!
    I then “heard the news”. -This person was the very first of these. There were soon others, here and there, all over the world.

    *Not* a mass event, apparently not a huge huge number though. I did not
    have that feeling in the dream, Barbara.
    The next scene was the appearance of “ships” in the sky. Hundreds
    of them! I say “ships” as they did not look like the standard UFO shapes.  they were rectangular, boxlike and maybe over 100 to 200 foot long.
    Any fighter airplane, that attacked, would vanish into thin air! Was
    apparent that nothing could be done, by any military, to stop these ships.
    There, Barbara, the dream ends.
    No landing yet, no agenda  no aliens yet seen. The planes just vanished, no flash of white light.
    In the dream, the military people had hopes that a certain fighter jet would be effective. It was not.
    That’s all!”

    I told him, ‘What you dreamed of wasn’t the end of the world, it was the first wave of ascension. That’s exactly what it’s like!’
    Anyway, I thought this was worth sharing, as here’s someone who doubts the whole thing, does not feel that he’s going to ascend, and yet he dreamed of it.

    This fits in with something I heard from my HS one morning recently when half awake: that the ascension event won’t happen simultaneously, it will be like one person here, then another there [though roughly on the same day or so] “- but the global effects will be as if it happened simultaneously.”


    • Barbara,

      Thank you for sharing your friend’s absolutely amazing and precognitive dream detailing the miracles of ascension that soon await us. The dream is definitely representative, and serves as further evidence of what we have foreseen and discussed so diligently throughout the past months.

      All that is left for us to do is to wait and see what happens, and I am confident that all will proceed according to plan, and amaze us in ways that we cannot even comprehend at this time.

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