My Ascension Vision: Exposing the Public School System

Today I had another lucid dream that took place in a classroom of a public school where I spoke out against the education system, calling school a prison and refusing to complete the math test that had been assigned by the teacher.

My disruption eventually led to another female student joining me in my rebellion, as she left her seat and stood in the middle of the floor exclaiming how she was also tired of being forced to come to school even though she hated it and was totally bored and creatively repressed by the curriculum.

My first objective as an ascended master will be to free the children from the public education (indoctrination) system and restore education to its natural state based on fun and freedom of creative exploration.

I absolutely love learning when I am allowed to do it in a way that works best for me, and there is nothing worse than being forced to conform to a particular learning style that doesn’t work for you. Every student is different and doesn’t deserve to be placed in a one-size-fits-all curriculum that lacks creativity and passion for the subjects being taught.

Students also deserve to be able to choose what subjects they want to invest their energy into, and should not have to prove their knowledge to anyone else through a ridiculous grading system and standardized tests that do not involve anything but the regurgitation of “facts”.

This is especially harmful in subjects like history where the governments have purposely suppressed the real history of the planet in order to further indoctrinate the students into a particular worldview that supports the slavery system of money, politics, etc.

To this day I regret not speaking out and expressing my feelings about the school system when I was still a student, but I will make up for it tenfold when I successfully collapse the public school system and replace it with one based on pure principles and respect for each student as individual sovereign beings.

This is my ascension vision, and I know it will come true because my intention is righteous and only truth is able to stand the test of time. All illusion eventually fades away once enough light is shed upon it, and this case is no different.

4 thoughts on “My Ascension Vision: Exposing the Public School System

  1. Hi, I’m going this right now… the local media even posted a little portion of me speaking. I’m less than 1year from obtaining my Ed.s in Educational Leadership, policy and management (admin/ superintendent certificate also). And have made this exposure my mission. I am putting up new resources daily that support our cause. Check it out at the video is under the “about” page.

  2. Skyler,

    This is an excellent idea – I will also join you! I actually work in this system overseas teaching and I know how ridiculous it is – as we all do from our own learning experiences within this stupid structure. I try, I try to help implement ideas that don’t encourage the adaptation of this paradigm of thought, but unfortunately people seem stuck in this way of thinking as they feel it is the only solution – We need to show the masses that this is only a conditioned way of looking at the entire world.


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