My Family's Official Statement on the 12/21/12 Effort

December 21st has come and gone, and to many people it appears nothing has changed. Well, just like any occasion, the outcome of the 21st was completely dependent on your own personal actions.

To put it simply, if you did not make an effort to have a remarkable day on the 21st, then you probably did not have a remarkable day.

But for those who took serious action on the 21st, performing such actions as meditating, fasting, or simply living life in a blissful, celebratory manner, the outcome was very positive.

The statement I was given to transmit to the people of Earth from adept members of my human spiritual family was that the forces of Light did achieve victory on the 21st, and the new satya yuga (golden age) was successfully initiated in the higher realms.

It is important to know that despite this victory, this war is far from over. We still have much more work to do to clear out the remnants of the old paradigm and bring in the new, and we must remain vigilant.

We still have two major holidays to get through in 2012 with Christmas and New Year’s, and it is vital that we continue to make healthy decisions during these times, and keep up the momentum into 2013.

For those who have decided to begin actively working with the forces of Light as a result of the December 21st effort, we greatly welcome you. The reformation of planet Earth to its pristine origins may still seem like a long way away, but with your help, we can make even greater strides in the days ahead. Thank you.

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    • Thank you, Erik. Your forum topic got caught in the spam filter, but it is available now. I fully agree with your assessment of the current situation. We simply need to wait a couple more days for the physical ascension to occur in 3D to complete the process, as above so below.

  1. Erik, that’s really good, thankyou. I concur with Skyler, and only now, reading your posts here, did it strike me why the time-lag. As we know, all things happen on the higher planes first and gradually descend, right? When something is in the astral, and seen months ahead, it’s still possible to deflect the event. (Which is why some people get premonitions/warning dreams, and by acting on them, can avert a disaster).
    Well, the final level is the etheriic level. Once something has reached that level, it’s unstoppable, and will manifest on the physical plane 3 & a half days later. I have seen this SO many times, and perhaps you have too.
    Looking around the ‘lightworkers’ blogs on the internet at the moment, I was reminded of the disciples on the road to Emmaus; sad, confused, disappointed, their dreams crushed, people jeering at them: ‘Hahaha! See? Nothing happened! The ‘Son’ you thought would overthrow the old ways has died, and for 3 days has been buried under the earth. Too bad you were deluded!’ šŸ™‚
    In the past, a candidate for initiation had to undergo a 3 and a half day period beforehand, in which he felt lost, uncertain, alone in the darkness of his soul.
    I have always heard that the Shift will happen at Christmas. I was telling someone that a few weeks ago, and she said, as if I were recruiting for some church, ‘Oh, we don’t celebrate Christmas. We celebrate the solstice.’ Fine – I can’t help it, what I’ve heard is “Christmas”, I can’t change it just so it fits in with their Mayan stuff! šŸ˜€
    My update – very like Erik’s. I deliberately went to sleep pretty late on the 20th, intending to sleep in past 11:11 am, as I wanted to see what was going on, and had a better chance of doing so while asleep than awake.
    In fact I woke up about 11, and wrote down what I’d seen.
    There was a lot of activity going on, and a happy, excited atmosphere, it reminded me very much of what I experienced on 11:11:11. There were beings (starbeings, angels? I don’t know, but beautiful and filled with light). I was feeling euphoric, and like, ‘Oh great, this is it’, etc – then somehow I realised that, no, it wasn’t, not quite yet. My face must have looked a bit like, :(, because one of these beings came up to me and said, with a lot of energy, and very clearly, “If you just hang on a few more days, things are going to get a lot better for you, there will be big changes!” I was immediately reassured, and woke up. This being REALLY wanted to get the message across …… as if they are fully and compassionately aware of how many delays we’ve had to endure. I’ve never had a sentence delivered so emphatically.
    So I trust them, and we’ll see what Christmas brings! šŸ™‚


    • It’s great to read your post Barbara. I like they way you have written your experiences and with your smiley faces to express your emotions.

      Indeed, changes/things needs some time for being materialize in this 3rd dimension environment.
      It’s interesting to read your knowledge and experiences with things being materialize in 3 and a half days later when they enter the etheric level.

      Currently I haven’t a theoretically system about these levels and how long it takes when things are being materialize. I can only rely and see from my experiences that my own creations are being materialize in every time frame possible from direct materialization to a couple of hours, days, months or years later.

      Thank you for sharing your received message, it’s great to read an external confirmation about the current situation.

      • I want to add something on my reply.
        Would you like (or somebody who is reading this) and do you have the time and or energy to explain something more about these levels and the different time frames that comes with them for materialization. Or do you have a good source where I can read this topic in more depths.


  2. Hello Erik,
    OK, I’ll do my best!Ā Ā Ā šŸ˜€
    I learnt the basics about how this works from reading Rudolf Steiner years ago (there is a huge database of books and lectures online at the Rudolf Steiner Archive, though the ‘search’ function doesn’t seem to be working at the moment). I have great respect for Steiner, who was clairvoyant ….. his knowledge was staggering. He always urged people: ‘Don’t just believe what I say – test it for yourself with healthy human thinking and observation of the world.’
    He described how things happen in cycles of 7, and the half-sum of 7, thus, 3 + a half, 7, 10 + a half, 14, 21, etc etc. (Days or weeks, where minor events are concerned, years for bigger karmic things). You can see this everywhere you look …… in the phases of human life as well as other things. Eg, if someone gets flu, there will be a sharp temperature rise or a healing crisis after 3 & a half days. Take relationships. Look at what was happening exactly 7 months to the day after you met this person. You’ll find some kind of event, crisis or change. You’re thinking, ‘Is there a real affinity with this person, or was it just a superficial attraction?’
    The same with jobs, locations, vacations …… at 3 and a half, 7, etc, days/weeks/months into it, you’ll notice a kind of ‘do I stay or go?’ decision point.
    It works fascinatingl y with karma, too. At the present time, most of us have cleared our karma through the ascension process, so looking at recent times probably won’t throw up much of interest ……. but go back at least a few years, and try this experiment, it’s really interesting. Pick an event in your life that was important, and where you know the exact date it happened. [Can be anything – broke a leg, left school, began or ended a job, relationship, a significant journey ….] Then look back at what was happening in your life exactly 7 years before that date, and 3 + a half years, etc. The details will be different, but you’ll notice the same theme. (If you’re young, and Skyler, I know you’re 23, obviously you have fewer dates to look at; but you can try this with others’ lives too, if you know them well. I looked at my parents’ lives in relation to the ‘7’ cycle].
    Warning – it’s so intriguing that once you start, it’s hard to stop!Ā  šŸ™‚

    I’ll give you a real example from my life to show you what I mean by a repeating theme, OK.
    Oct 24th 1990 – a friend 300 miles away invited me to stay. When I got there, I found that the landlady of the place really did not like visitors – I felt in-the-way and thoroughly unwelcome. It rained nonstop, and I was trapped there for 4 miserable days, I remember it still!Ā  šŸ˜€
    April 25th 1994 – a friend basically dumped me, as she was engrossed with her new boyfriend, I felt hurt.
    Oct. 24th 1997. This time a friend came to stay with me for a week, with her 3 boisterous children. After an exhausting week, I snapped and said that I felt she was using me as a free holiday/babysitter. The ensuing argument took a year to patch up!
    April 24th 2001 – A friend of mine was depressed, and every day I would get home from work to find her literally sitting on my doorstep. I finally asked her if she could please not come round every day – no, not very nice of me šŸ™ – and she was hurt.
    Oct. 24th 2004 – Invited to stay by a friend, whose family didn’t like me (you ever watched “Meet the Parents”? Like that, but 1000 miles from home, in a country where I barely spoke the language. I felt so unwelcome that I considered *walking* to the airport in a snowstorm and buying a new return ticket, just to get out of there! :D)
    Interestingly, Apr. 2008 and Oct. 2011, the pattern had stopped, as I had cleared that karma through the ascension process. But can you see the repeating theme there?
    I’m just trying to show you that this law of 3 + a half and 7 is real, it’s not something I made up.
    Back to ascension: something will happen on the astral plane 7 months before it manifests physically. I had dramatic downloads and an ascension test-run from May 21st – 24th, and I think quite a few of us did. I noticed that this fitted with the ‘Christmas of 2012’ information that I’d been getting; it was exactly 7 months beforehand.

    The event then gradually descends through the dimensions, and 3 and a half *days* before it happens, it reaches the etheric level, which is very near physicality, next stop, material manifestation.
    However, something, somehow, has gone awry. Karen Bishop, one of the few trustworthy intuitives, IMHO, also says we are ‘in a holding pattern.’

    To my perception, on Dec. 21st, the first part was completed: the two earths *have* separated dimensionally. There are now 2 grids, 2 ‘realities.’ The next step should have been our phase-shift into lightbody, last night or today. But we seem stuck! There are ‘liteworkers’ on the internet going, ‘O, ascension happened: you just haven’t noticed it.’ No – it has NOT happened. I know what ascension feels like, and we are still stuck for some reason!
    Erik, you mentioned bumps, and that’s what it feels like to me – our ascension car has hit a bump in the road, and is trying to push over it. Something is blocking the 2nd stage of it, but I don’t know what. šŸ™ Skyler, do you have any information on what’s causing the delay?


    • Thank you for this information, Barbara. I checked with my HS, and all I was told was that this is a process, and ascension will occur at the opportune time. This doesn’t help us too much, but I’m still feeling optimistic about tonight. The phrase mentioned previously by Georgi, “like a thief in the night,” has been on my mind lately, and that’s what I’m anticipating, a strategic move by the Light under the cover of darkness, so we’ll see.

  3. Hello Barbara

    I let this information travel true my mind to see if it stays and to see what it can brings me.

    It’s helpful to understand the cycles of 7 for some karmic themes also with your explanations with an example of your life. The theory makes a lot more sense with a personal example.

    My clay vessel is 26 years old and I live in The Netherlands. I have tried a number of dates to see the pattern of 7 and I saw one theme that meet this theory. It was not exact 7 years but around 7 and 3,5 years that the theme came back and had an important impact on my live.

    I see that this theory can help become aware on some aspects of your self in combinations with some themes.

    I was also curious with 21-12 + 7 days = 28 december. From an other source (I can’t remember what source it was) I read that 28-12 was an important day. Currently I’m making some new plans and work some things out to do understand what is next.

    Thank you Barbara for your posts!

    Greetings Erik

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