Remarkable Synchronicity Between PAT Members

After witnessing an amazing synchronicity on Dr. Stankov’s site this morning, I felt it was necessary to share it again here, especially for those who do not stay up to date with Georgi’s articles.

Yesterday, in Georgi’s post containing the latest comments from the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) members, PAT member Daniela from Italy shared a beautiful composition illustrated with colored chalk of a rainbow colored spiral, titling the piece “The Ascension Spiral of the PAT”.

“The Ascension Spiral of the PAT” by Daniela

Then today, in Georgi’s post The ID Split of Gaia and the Merging of Galaxies, another PAT member named Christy from Florida shared photos of an incredible rainbow colored cloud formation that she spotted in the sky yesterday.

“Merging Galaxies #1” by Christy

“Merging Galaxies #2” by Christy

According to Christy’s explanation, “these two spiraling clouds moved closer together until they merged and became one.”

If this occurrence is not proof enough of the amazing miracles and cosmic shift that is happening at this time, I truly don’t know what is. The way I see it, Daniela predicted the future through her artwork, completely envisioning the cloud formation in Christy’s photos the day before it happened!

The question is, what were those rainbow colored formations in the sky? Two Galactic Federation ships, perhaps? Maybe some other kind of space anomalies or cosmic bodies? It’s hard to say for sure, but no matter what, it’s an amazing sight to behold.

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