Something Amazing is Happening Right Now

This afternoon I was guided to have another lucid dream. In this one, I was at my home in Baltimore, and there was a huge crowd of young people celebrating throughout my entire house and on the sidewalk and street of my neighborhood. There must have been a few hundred people all dressed in alternative light-colored clothing like hippies and just rioting with happiness as if some major positive event had occurred, and I was central to it. I walked through my house not understanding what was going on and everyone I walked by would cheer my name and give me hugs and kisses and when I went outside I saw people were even painting my house sky blue. It was an incredible scene, like a huge victory, and in the dream I could only think that we had made a huge ascension breakthrough.

As others have been reporting lately, this past weekend and today has had some incredibly powerful energies shifting the collective consciousness, and this dream can only be further confirmation that something is in fact happening and we have entered the next threshold. Now it will be interesting to watch the news to see what big disclosures erupt in the Matrix in the following days.

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