The Commencement of the New Golden Age

It is my duty at this time to announce the commencement of the new Golden Age on planet Earth. We have now entered the Age of Aquarius, and the remnants of the Old World Order are quickly fading away. All antiquated third dimensional ideals of duality are no longer valid, and it is now time for all to shift their consciousness to the higher dimensional frequencies of the New Earth.

It is now appropriate for all citizens to rejoice in the celebration of victory, and pursue activities that resonate the frequencies of peace, harmony, and love. The period of the next Renaissance has begun, and may wondrous works of art, music, and literature grace our world to herald the arrival of the New Age.

No longer shall any citizen upon Earth experience any suffering, as all beings shall be subjected to equal treatment, regardless of age, race, gender, or creed. This period is a time of liberation, and all beings shall be free to pursue any path that they desire without any form of fear or judgment from others.

The light of love shall eviscerate all darkness, and all beings who seek to hinder this movement shall be vanquished. The time has come for the dawning of our new day, and I encourage all to seek the spark within themselves to become their highest form of potential.

The destiny of the human race has always been to live in great prosperity, and I invite all whom share this vision to join in this collective dream, and allow all structures of fear to dissipate like the clearing of a storm. May the bells of liberty ring free on this day, and let all beings of light stand unified upon the earth, sovereign from external control.

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