The Failure of the New Age Movement to Awaken as Displayed by the ID Split of the Upper and Lower 4D Timelines

As I announced in my previous post on July 17th, there was indeed an ascension event on the 21st—the manifestation of the ID split between the upper and lower 4D timelines. This occurrence was represented in my personal reality through a discussion in the Freedom Earth subreddit, as displayed and discussed below in my email exchange with Georgi.

Dear George,

This thread was posted in the Freedom Earth forum today, and it is even more proof of the ignorance of the New Age circus. As the founder of the Freedom Earth community, I can only take this to heart as an utter failure on my part to be an effective teacher and leader, and I am very disappointed. Countless times I’ve attempted to shed light on the issue of the ego and the absurd notion of there being some type of proper way for an ascended master to act, and my words have obviously gone unheard. I don’t know what else to do other than accept this failure and continue to harp on it while releasing all self-imposed obligations of trying to change the perspectives of others.

If you deem it necessary to make a public example of this failure, I would absolutely welcome it.


Dear Skyler,

This is absolutely not your failure and please do not take it personally. I have just received a new message from Jahn that addresses exactly this issue and I hope to translate and publish it soon.

Let me explain. What now happens and we observe is the sobering realization that most of these self-proclaimed light workers, or as I called them “lumpen proletariats of the light” have not made it, as the dices have fallen now who will ascend. This leads to massive uncontrolled hysteria and expression of spiritual envy against those who have already ascended and now only wait for the final act. Thus these alleged bearers of the light become the most obstructive force against ascension and will do everything possible to hinder us in our last steps towards ascension. And they do not even realize this obstructive role they now play as they are completely unconscious, otherwise they will also ascend. This trend takes place at the level of their higher disappointed selves, who know better about this bitter truth than the incarnated personality and this bitterness trickles down to their unprocessed ego-minds.

They do not want and cannot accept that it has been their fault and will of course begin to throw stones at us, who have done their job and are ready for ascension.The most stupid thing on our part now would be to involve in such futile discussions and try to persuade them to open their minds. We have given them enough chances and they have declined all of them.

There are only two alternatives now for you:

1. Leave them talk their crap as it no longer affects you or

2. If it disturbs you, close the blog and only publish selected comments as I do on my website. Thus you will have the full control over your website. There is no other possibility to detach from this ubiquitous human stupidity that spreads like pandemic.

There is a German saying for this: “Torschlußpanik” – “panic in front of closed doors”. These people see that the doors to ascension are now closing for them and they become very nasty against those who have already entered this portal to higher dimensions. Or as is the case with this lost soul Jason, he simply tries to cling to me and bothers me with his unprocessed personal crap and when you tell him that you have no time to waste, he begin to cry “foul” like a spoiled child.

This is the most convincing fact that they have not done their personal cleansing and have not solved their private problems as ripe personalities. Otherwise they will not be so intransigent and nasty. Why does not this person Jason start reading my gnostic and other scientific books to learn something new as I recommended to him in good faith and instead wastes his time and that of others to cry how cruel I have treated him as a toddler? This is pure spiritual infantility and that is why these people will never ascend as long as they do not change this unripe attitude.

You can publish my response on your website if you wish.

With love and light


Thank you for your wisdom and clarity, as always. You are absolutely correct, and I know this result is not my fault, but I felt it was necessary to claim accountability anyway in order to fully acknowledge this outcome and move forward from it. It was indeed a manifestation of the ID split between the upper and lower 4D timelines, and experiencing such a slim harvest was disappointing. I am past it now, and I will focus my efforts exclusively on the PAT and those who have made the cut to upper 4D. All others have been severed, and there is nothing more that can be done for them.


Dear Skyler,

this is a wise decision and the only reasonable way to see the current situation until ascension. We are all disappointed that the harvest is modest, but this is not our fault. Read also the latest message form Jahn which I have just translated and published.


3 thoughts on “The Failure of the New Age Movement to Awaken as Displayed by the ID Split of the Upper and Lower 4D Timelines

  1. Saturday night during sleep I got exact dates, after that I had a vivid dream, thus when I woke up, I only remembered one date, 21st 11:00 am, I can confirm that at that time there was a shift, I had to lie down for a couple of hours.
    As well on Saturday I had a massive test run, the last, I suppose.

    • Dear Aron,

      There most definitely was a shift at the time you mentioned, and now we have entered the most crucial time in this entire mission in this Lion’s Gate period. The angst of the people will be rising high to the surface, hot and explosive, and it is just a matter of time until we see the big events unfold.

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