The Final Quarter Has Commenced

So here we are in October now, the final quarter of 2012 officially underway. It’s been an interesting year so far, with much upheaval occurring throughout the globe as anticipated, the result of more and more people raising their vibration, and shifting their perception from the way of the old to the way of the new.

Several geophysical cataclysms have occurred throughout the year, although none have resulted in the doom and gloom scenarios that many have feared. Earth appears to be the same place that it was in 2011, but if you look closer, you will sense that much has actually changed, just not in the way that you expected.

Energetically, we are resonating at a much higher frequency than in previous years as a collective, and as a result, our thoughts are manifesting into physical reality at a much greater capacity than before. Linear time is gradually dissipating, and the transition from living an ego-based, service-to-self lifestyle, to a more selfless, humanitarian, service-to-others lifestyle is accelerating daily.

At this point, your focus should be on manifesting your desired ascension scenario. This means living fully aware of your conscious intention, and only investing your energy into actions that progress you toward your desired goal.

Obviously, this will require some tough life choices to be made, as you are consciously creating your desired timeline, but no longer can you afford to be anything less than objective if you intend on achieving the result that you desire.

If this means divesting your energy from any activities that you enjoy, but you know are holding you back, then so be it. We are too late in the game now to allow any further distractions to take place, so do not be afraid to go out on a limb and be spontaneous, even if you or anyone else thinks what you’re doing is irrational. Past logic is no longer applicable in the new reality that you are stepping into, so feel free to take action without fear, regardless of the outcome.

When all else fails, remember to listen to your heart, and allow it to guide you. Through your intuition and feelings, you will know what the right decision is, and rest assured that you can’t get it wrong. There are no mistakes in this world, there are only results, and how you choose to perceive them is all that matters.

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