The Lion's Gate Roars

Today has been another one of those powerful energetic days that has knocked me off my feet for hours on end, another long session of lucid dreaming keeping me occupied even when I’m asleep.

All three of my dreams introduced new faces to my eyes, as we are all enjoying life to the fullest in the higher realms, living communally amongst one another. People of all different colors from all over the globe are now living together as one unified force in the cosmos without any notion of judgment or disapproval.

This is the reality that we are energizing in our dreams, as we are building the foundation for the new ascended Earth that will be completely manifested once the appropriate energetic threshold has been fulfilled.

Even if you are not seeing this rapid shift in consciousness appearing in the physical world, I ask that you not become discouraged, and learn to see with your third eye, as that is where the real changes can be distinguished. It is by “reading between the lines” that you can see and feel the high frequency energies that are pouring throughout Earth, the people bursting with emotion as the old paradigm evaporates and the new comes into fruition.

I ask all of you now to imagine the world that you want to see materialize. Visualize in your mind all of the corruption and negativity and fear clearing from every corner of the globe as it’s washed away by thoughts of love and reconnection between all human beings on Earth.

I ask all of you now, if John could imagine such an idea, why can’t we?

2 thoughts on “The Lion's Gate Roars

  1. Whenever I feel lost, that song is a good summary of how we want to achieve a Freedom Earth.

    Freedom Earth starts with having the freedom and right to dream, which the elite does not want.

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