Victory of the Light is Imminent

The energies feel absolutely blissful today. After reading the latest posts on Dr. Stankov’s website this morning, I had the feeling we had just put in our two weeks notice for our cleansing duties for the duration of this ascension cycle.

Also, two nights ago I received a transmission from my star family during a divination session stating that on 12.12.12 I would be undergoing another visitation to my home star Sirius, and I would not be the same afterwards.

I’m not exactly sure what this entails, but I know that it’ll be a positive change, one that I’ve been awaiting all year. And just like Dr. Stankov mentioned in his Lunar Eclipse article today, I concur with his assessment that we have reached a new energetic threshold now, and that positive change is on the way very soon.

Victory of the Light is imminent. Great change lies ahead. Freedom will be ours.

2 thoughts on “Victory of the Light is Imminent

  1. I feel exactly the same, Skyler! We’ve crossed some threshold, and the energies today are blissful. I was trying to think of an analogy, and it’s a bit like when you have a job, and have applied for a new one in a distant place. You go through the interviewing, etc. This feels like when you’ve got the job, found a place to live in the new location, and have given 2 weeks’ mtice to your old employer. From that point, you just don’t *care* about what happens in the old place, do you? You bounce into work, knowing you have two weeks left and happy to work them. Even the most irritating features of the job no longer bother you, they float off your back. That’s how I feel now about the tiny bit left to go in 3D: it’s just a formality.
    (I know that’s not a perfect analogy, because we’ve already ascended, and it’s not like we suddenly heard the news yesterday. But it *feels* as if we’ve passed through some significant barrier ……. we are now ‘airside.’
    Last night in sleep, I was with a group of my star-family, and they and I were looking at Earth with just that attitude. The memory of what we/they were saying has faded a bit, but the gist of it was ‘Well, we did it!’ Sort of like watching a big ship coming in ……. you saw it approaching, there was calm water and no rocks for the last 100 yards, so you weren’t worried; also you’ve been in regular radio cmtact with your friends on the ship. This is the moment when it’s docked by the pier, everyone’s waving, and people are tying ropes. The gangway steps have not yet been lowered, but they will in a minute.
    Feels great. If I were a cat, I’d be purring! 😀


    • Barbara,

      You’ve painted a wonderful picture in this comment, and I know exactly the feeling you are trying to express. Our bags are packed, we’re waiting in the terminal, and we will be departing shortly!

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