Visualizing Our Future

During my channeling session today, I received information stating that we will experience a great shift in our understanding of reality next Wednesday, July 4th, which is the Independence Day holiday in the USA. This information corresponds with the intel that has been communicated by other freedom fighters and gnostics, as well as with a precognition that I shared privately with a fellow redditor back in March.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the truth behind events such as the mass arrests taking place, and I just want to say that it’s not worth worrying about it. Whether you discuss this shift on an energetic level (inter-dimensional split) or a physical level (mass arrests, ET disclosure, crashing of the financial system, etc.), the outcome is the same (freedom), so let’s not focus on the details, but the bigger picture.

As coordinated by our fellow member Nate, on July 3rd we have scheduled a group meditation session to aid Gaia in her ascension and catalyze these imminent events. I ask everyone to take some time to visualize these events manifesting into reality and ending this game of duality for good.

Together we can create the reality that we desire. We are the most powerful beings in the universe, and we will no longer be subjected to the influence of negativity. We are the masters of our domain, the harbingers of Light, and it is time that we put an end to this ridiculous superficial system.

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